1. Nazism in Ukraine will be destroyed!!! even if the United States and Great Britain support the Ukrainian Nazis….

    2. Let’s see…..
      – World in chaos, Putin killing thousands of innocent people and America not able to find diplomatic solutions or use their power to stop this madman….
      – Higher Gas Prices….
      – Higher Taxes….
      – More unarmed black men shot under Biden than Trump…..
      – Biden handing out free crack pipes instead of working on a solution for our drug problems….
      – Hunter making millions of dollars selling paintings to world elites with his newly found painting talent….
      – Biden in hiding most of the time with a few rare appearances where he confirms his lack of ability to form a complete sentence, much less lead a country…….
      If his poll numbers go up it will only confirm that these polls are 100% fraudulent!!!!!!

    3. Wrong question. The real one should be “are his numbers actually going up?” I don’t believe these stats at all. CNN has lost all credibility

  1. As one can tell by this comment section, many people have already made up their minds to disapprove of his presidency regardless of anything he does, so why does his approval rating matter anymore?

    1. @Brandon you sure I said “depression” and not “recession”? And yes, it is on the verge of falling into a depression very quickly. The fact that you assume that not being a fan of the current administration makes you a fan of trump shows me you are extremely biased and not worthy of my time “my guy”.

    2. @gantz4u some people are sheep, blindly following conservative media. If trump had Biden’s economic numbers, you would already be on your knees with his zipper down. You’re just another example of a brainwashed populist who only repeats what you hear on conservative media lol

  2. Just remember, if the media can make Biden look competent, they can do anything. Just look at what he has done realistically and come to your own conclusions.

    1. They couldn’t make trump look competent. Fox, OAN, Newsmax, all tried their best and couldn’t pull it off. They can’t pull off making Biden look incompetent either. Stupid fascists.

    2. @greatstOne99 If Biden was a bad president he wouldn’t have saved the economy from trump’s blunders.

    1. @The Real American Patriot! Better economy, fewer Covid deaths, lower prices, lower unemployment, safer streets, safer borders, etc. You need me to keep going, libtard? You see Putin invade Ukraine on Trump’s watch?

    2. Biden will go down in history as the greatest POTUS of all time. So glad the mean tweets have stopped. Biden 2024!!!! 🇲🇽

    3. All this ridiculous responses come from the trumpians, kind of ridiculous. President Biden is a true president quite a difference from 45, I just don’t like to even think of his name, such an idiot and ignorant thing.

    1. Biden will go down in history as the greatest POTUS of all time. So glad the mean tweets have stopped. Biden 2024!!!! 🇲🇽

    2. @xlr8r2010 Not necessarily, but neither is FOX so to prefer one over the other for reasons of believing one is less bias is braindead.

    3. @Brave Just Defend Dear sir, first off thank you for accepting that Joe Biden did indeed win the election. That’s a good start. Now onto your concerns. So I’m imagining that you think that this would never have happened under a Trump administration, on that point you are right. Trump would have weakened NATO to the point that Putin would have asked for whatever he wanted and Trump would have suggested to Zelensky to give it to Putin. NATO would have split and a democratic nation would have been invaded by an autocratic madman’s army. This weakening of NATO would have encouraged Putin to go after Poland, Moldova, Lithuania & whatever else he wanted. As for inflation, that’s a global thing, not just US. If you want to blame Biden for a global inflation spike, go ahead, but it’s incorrect. Here is a question for you about gas prices. Is standing up to an autocratic dictator who destabilized the globe, thus following our American democratic principles worth paying perhaps 30-40% more at the gas pump? I think it is. If you don’t you’re a selfish snowflake who is unworthy of the protection afforded him by any democracy. You have a good day okay?

    1. @Cid Sapient

      Bro… nobody’s quitting their jobs after being out of work for almost 2 years right? Gas prices are a result of PRICE GOUGING by American gas distributors because we get very very little oil from Russia actually, we get most of our oil from right here in America. Inflation will be brought under control by raising interest rates, the Fed is in charge of that. The “Cold War” will only last as long as Russia can hold out under these sanctions, and that won’t really be very long at all. I would say our biggest concern should be a Civil War in Russia where the government in charge loses control of the nukes… THAT would be a real problem.

    2. @Cid Sapient

      What do you mean “starving”? People are back to work bro, I couldn’t get a parking spot at the store yesterday, the roads are jammed with traffic again, people going back and forth to work. Try to cheer up bro, we’ll get past this thing with Russia, we’re okay and we’re going to be okay too.

    3. @Robert King

      We no there was a lot going on from ’73 to ’75, like US President resigning the office for the first time in American history.

  3. Germany and CNN laughed at Trump when he said ” Germany needs to stop being energy dependent on Russia”……that aged pretty darn good didn’t it!?!

    1. @Aunt Tifa waiting on ya to say something of value but oh well….lemme guess you hated the police but now you stand with the police ….after you see the red wave coming. Dang the Left sucks at everything right now. They can’t even say what makes a woman a woman. Lol!!!!!

    2. @Aunt Tifa lol you can’t do it. C’mon my non-binary little thing…what is a woman!?! Hahahaha!!!!

  4. Yep, thats how it works right? Prices go up so poll numbers go…..up. Thats the way it’s always been

    1. @Rolls Royce Network If we had people with common sense in our country we would never have had the last 3 presidents.
      And 95% of our current politicians in the house and senate would be gone.

  5. As if a presidential approval rating ever meant anything to anybody other than cable news pundits. 😂

    1. @jon pork <======== calls anyone that has a different opinion a “racist” without any evidence. He also believes conservatives are racist due to the excessive exposure of CNN viewing 😂😂😂

  6. I have no clue what drug CNN is using but almost every site has his polling still at a decline! Zero politics, just facts…

    1. @RuRdy2RK that’s a good joke. I’m in a deep blue state and everywhere I go it’s FJB and those “I did that” stickers on gas pump.
      This president sucks.

  7. NEW RULE: No “Poll” may be referred to without stating the exact number of living human beings polled.

    1. Should also state the exact questions asked, and include the available responses. I’ve been polled more than a few times where I didn’t agree with any of the predetermined answers, and was then asked, something like, “which would you lean toward.” Usually, I’d end up excusing myself and ending the call.

    2. Faux Que have you ever heard of a sample size? The larger the sample size is, the more accurate the poll results. Go read a book on statistics.

    3. @Nic C Never studied statistics all that much, but was in accounting over 20 years. My proposal for new rule still stands. David

  8. OMG – is this a joke – watching CNN and the biden WH is like watching an episode of MAD TV!

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