Is Mandatory Vaccinations Coming to Jamaica? 1

Is Mandatory Vaccinations Coming to Jamaica?


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  1. Is servicing God Almighty a mandator ? And to think that he made us . So how come human beings want to go so far and beyond?. Man have too much power. Becareful he told us HE is a jealous GOD .

  2. At this point in time. Tuff tan say him ago put stricker measures in place for people who don’t want to take vaccine. I wonder what him mean. Look at dem sell them soul fi bill gates money lol

  3. You see, Jamaica (that we constitute), at this point, is not behaving like an independent nation. We have closed our borders and banned foreigners from entering the country, but when it comes down to importation of products we don’t really question them. We probably just take those things because we just wanna get better and would do anything to do so without thinking much for ourselves as much as we ought to.

  4. People of my home if we trust and believe in God we don’t need a vaccine it’s the end of days sorry for those who don’t believe look around have you ever seen or herd of anything like this give your life to Christ Jesus now before its too late time is almost up tribulations is about to begin and I know you don’t want to be hear for it the way to salvation is that you believe that Christ she’d his precious blood for our sins past present and future sins he died and was buried and rose from the dead on the third day according to scriptures believe with your whole heart speak from your mouth that you are in need of a saviour and that is Jesus Christ let him help you please time is running out people Repent blessings one love

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