1. on the other hand if it catches you in the right mood it is funny to see the tricks theyre pulling so you dont notice how badly youre getting ripped off

  2. Don’t care anymore. I brazenly take what I need from any store I want now..

  3. It’s been going on for years.
    Step 1- They make a smaller size initially pricing it slightly cheaper then you paid but when you take the amount of product you are receiving then your actually paying more.
    Step 2 – Introduce the “original” sizes as “family size” and charge more but give you a better deal in price per unit.
    Step 3 – Phase out smaller sizes as no one buys them since the larger one are more “affordable”.
    Step 4 – Wait…..and repeat step 1.

    This lets retails ladder up the prices while keeping the price comparison nearly impossible.

  4. It’s worse— it’s so wasteful. Now you’re getting mismatched quantities of everything (like buns and wieners… think Steve Martin). I loathe shrinkflation. Just charge more!

  5. Increase the price and in short time reduce the quantity and all the while cut costs through reduced quality.

  6. Absolutely. I’m now loyal to products who’s volumes have remained the same, and which havent gone up 50% in cost

  7. Like how chocolate milk used to be $1/1 L, then eventually went up to $1.25/1 L but still $1/1 L on sale, then $1.50/1 L but still $1/1 L on sale, then they snuck in a $1.50/750 mL with $1/750 mL on sale and only occasionally $1/1 L, and now it’s like the 1 L has disappeared or can only be found at $2+.

    Or any Kraft Dinner at more than $1/box.

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