Is The “Double Mutant’ Variant As Scary As It Sounds? Dr. Mario Ramirez Weighs In | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Is The "Double Mutant' Variant As Scary As It Sounds? Dr. Mario Ramirez Weighs In | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1


    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again Yo, who’s gonna fix your plumbing? I did get the shot but my new sewer line was installed by other people.

  1. I noticed that my U.S.P.S. mailman wasn’t wearing a mask today. As a federal employee, I thought it was mandatory.

    1. Report them to their supervisor. The Federal Government has made their policy clear to all, its now the job of the individual to listen to the rules. If they choose to ignore it, it’s up to other individuals to notify those in charge of enforcing the policy. No, not the police, the USPS.

      Duh. 😑

    2. @Jonathan Boullion ok teaches pet let people live stop infringing in there lives or move to a communist country

    1. @George Kent that’s great, and everyone I know who had this one, no side effects really. Maybe one or 2 with feeling flush and low energy for a day only. Immune system kicking in I guess

    2. 😀 Had my second shot. I still mask up when grocery shopping, etc. but we’re able to have family over in the backyard now that the weather is breaking here in Michigan and that’s just fine by me.

    3. @Just Me it’s nice to see many people contributing to get sooner into a better control of this mad pandemic. Congrats for doing it also

  2. It’s amazing what a competent leader can get done in such a short amount of time. Thank God Biden is our president instead of that orange joke

    1. @ONE DAY Really? You know that 440,000 Americans die every year from medical error according to John Hopkins, right?

    2. @ONE DAY Well we do know for sure that he called trumps shut down of travel from China Zena phobic so things would’ve been worse for sure

  3. There are four other states that ought to be getting extra doses, based on infections: New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. With Michigan, these five states represent 44% of all new cases over the last week.

    1. Unfair, don’t stint the states where people observed social distancing. The eastern states have already gotten more than their share. Let the western states have a fair share.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Mass vaccination is for the benefit for all. If outbreaks can be contained by vaccination, then we can slow the emergence of an ever growing emergence of new variants which will move to all states. Some of the states currently doing well have done the worst at mitigation, but have benefitted from low density population.

  4. Wow double mutant variant in a 3rd wave fast forward to 4040 .. triple million mutant variant in the bazillionth wave don’t forget to wear 40 masks

    1. Is that why biden just got caught hiding 13 million so he didn’t need to pay taxes on it yeah good intentions for himself

    2. @William Miller No idea what that is, except more proof of my comment. How many riots did your side have last year? 120 straight nights, GFY Billy.

  5. Work on your titles. 5 minutes into a 6 minute and change video you start talking about the title… seriously?

  6. The longer this virus circulates the more it will change and mutate. That is what viruses *do.* This means taking care of poorer nations *at the same time* that we take care of ourselves.

    1. It’s an issue because infected illegals flooding the border are being allowed to stay in the USA

  7. The only really scary thing is that there are so many people who refuse to be treated with a vaccine that has been proven to work, thus risking not only their own health but that of everyone else.

    1. Remember when kamala said she wouldn’t take the vaccine on the campaign trail thats why I won’t take it shes smart

    2. It has not been studied enough to be “proven to work” those of us who are receiving it are basically experiments.

  8. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

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