1. She has a point… I have thought that for years… Some are in Politics for the celebrity/fame of it. Egomaniacs

    1. Trump was there for Power and making his family wealthier. When you have a good chunk of easily manipulated citizens, it’s not so hard for greedy aholes like him to take advantage. Not to mention using fear as a weapon.

    2. @Preston Tribble Hm…could it have anything to do with the fact that the US government has distributed millions of vaccine doses and that half of all US citizens have had at least one dose of the vaccine? Surely you understand science is ever evolving right? Especially when it comes to a novel virus. We now have multiple studies that show the vaccines work. That’s why people are no longer becoming deathly ill from Covid even when they live in nursing homes.

    3. @schievelbein schievelbein You don’t know much about DeSantis if you don’t know he’s a trump clone.

    1. @Roy Mercer “Most uninspiring president”? Haha is that a metric you measured yourself or are you another delusional Republican? Hilarious the amount of butt hurt you guys display LOL

    2. @John Hunter

      Do you think those approval numbers of Biden will save the Democrat come midterms in congress?
      Historically any party that controls all of Congress and the White House always loses a chamber of congress come midterms

      Democrats are about to lose a chamber
      The Senate or the House is up for grabs.
      The house 5 seats away from majority
      The Senate 3 seats away from majority

      Goodluck .your party will need it

    3. CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear ?

    4. I’m sure Chip Roy appreciated the BLACK EYE from Liz on her way out.
      {Being ‘endorsed’ by a Hated Criminal going down.}

  2. “He won’t succeed” – sadly, she didn’t elaborate. She should have said, “He is a complete loser [then a pause so this sinks in] … “.
    By the way, can we stop using “big lie” and call it “big lost”, so we send the complete message?

    1. Are you trying to get kudos for acting like a normal person?? Is that where we are? This statement is the equivalent of “Oh i know my party is full of disingenuous con men and racists, which whom i fully support, but I’m no sore loser!”

    2. You may not have contemplated treason, but plenty did when Trump won. The very day he was elected they were calling for the ousting of a duly elected president and never stopped with their procedural insurrection. These unarmed clowns who sought to overthrow the 2020 Biden vote on Jan 6th will get their just reward , but everyone knows they actually achieved nothing and the congress went back to work that same day. I cared little for Trump and am glad he is gone so the left can catch a breath ,but seemingly they have not got enough yet. For 4 years night after night they would blame him for even things that Obama would be responsible for. We all know this too. The democrats were the self proclaimed resistance from day one which makes them traders too as they schemed on a daily basis. That does not mean that Trump was not a problem child with his circuitous language and crazy management style, but if I and my brothers would have acted the way that the news , the democrats, and Trump acted, we all would have gotten spanked and deservedly so. My turn to catch a breath.

    3. @Cardboardbocs Renee Minicozzi may not be Republican. She said, “I am not always happy with election results”, she didn’t say “these election results”. She could be a Democrat cheesed off with Trump winning.

    4. @StephBer1 No, she’s probably an American that accepts the outcome of elections. Sometimes the person you want wins and sometimes they don’t. The difference is true Americans don’t have numerous recounts trying to prove a lie. None of this would have happened if he had won but if hadn’t won the 2016 election this would have happened then just not at the mass hysteria that it is now.

  3. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command… and if all others accepted the lie, which the party imposed, if all records told the same tale, then the lie passed into history and became truth” 1984 – George Orwell

    1. @V V Not elected, just provided a get out of jail free card, for the 4th time now. That’s cool, keep living in the land of quadruple hypocrisy, V V.

    2. @TheodoreJay trouble is but there was evidence and of Court refused to hear it when a court refuses to hear a case means never side has won the case yet so you’re going to tell me that election workers but testified under oath is not evidence I think our court system needs to be reformed if they’re going to refuse to hear cases what the hell do we need them for if people don’t wake up in this country it is going to hell in a handbasket I guess Joe is carrying the basket but he’ll never get America in it if he gets anything in it it will probably fall out when he slipped on the steps getting on the airplane radical liberals wake up the woke cancel culture

    3. @Jeff Burns just because it did not go your way it doesn’t mean it was stolen. I know it is hard for you to accept this. But the question is what happens next time now that we have set the precedent. No one will accept any election on either side. And there goes your democracy.

  4. 10:02 “that is not something i would say”… the way she smiled and nodded as she said that indicated very much that even though she wouldn’t say it, she thought it.

    1. @First Future Audits, Federal Judges appointed by Trump, the Supreme Court, all have proven Donald Trump lost. You’re brainwashed and delusional.

    2. @First Future oh yeah buddy , it’s OVER! No more orange man crying over insults 😭😭😭🥺🥶

    1. @WTF Chuck C at the forefront of the birthed movement but yeah respect. Seriously you know nothing.

    2. @Johnson Johnson They’re suggesting that men be at least as good as women and have an ounce of moral fiber.

    3. @jhrdz1107 Unfortunately these days it’s not insignificant. How many other GQP members have had the moral courage to do and say what Liz has said?

    4. @JC Demp75 True but remember we need another party. Power abhors a vacuum and a far right extremist party could replace the GQP….if it hasn’t already.

    5. @hunkydude322 Unfortunately congress has about a 20% approval rating and yet they get re-elected about 95% of the time. The reason is because not enough good people do their civic duty and run for office. I was shocked when I learned that the person running against Rick Scott in Florida was actually worse than him! (hard to believe, I know). You might be surprised just how often that happens. Plus a lot of congress people run unopposed.

  5. “The country needs a Republican party.” No, Liz… no it actually doesn’t. We need multiple parties, yes, but no, we definitely _don’t_ need a Republican party.

    1. @Christopher Hartford Just corrected. And besides, I was just writing it on my computer. And another thing, YouTube allows people to correct grammatical errors. So, don’t say that I talk like Cookie Monster.

    2. @Glenn Hansen Proportional representation allows dictators and supreme leaders. Therefore, we don’t need proportional representation.

    3. @Kyomii
      Just in recent years, Bush father left the country in a crisis which was fixed under Clinton’s mandate. G.W. Bush left US in a recession to be fix by Obama and BIDEN. Do I need to talk about Truimpwreck’s wrongdoings?

  6. If half of our nation’s leaders lie about everything, then we will never reach agreement on what is best for the American people!!!

    1. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya What the hell are you talking about? A ransom ware attack on a oil distribution company has nothing to do with the US government. Or is Biden a hacker now who the company paid millions of dollars to? 😀 😀 😀
      Maybe try MetaBunk.org where good people debunk conspiracy theories so we don’t have to! Have a nice night.

  7. If “the vast majority of members” are there for the right reasons, then why are the vast majority of members silent?

    1. You know to her the “right reasons” are stopping healthcare and cutting taxes for Halliburton right?

  8. This was a very lively and informative exchange eaturing Jake asking great questions and Liz Cheney responding openly and appropriately.

  9. Q
    I can stand behind
    Liz Cheney
    Thank you for being serious 🙏❤
    God bless you.

  10. She’s probably like go head and oust me.. I’m stand her in the light, and y’all can just stay there in the dark! 😏


  12. She’s so right about the kind of people we need in Washington and their motivation for being there. We need good old fashioned adults.

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