Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine a war crime? | USA TODAY

Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine a war crime? | USA TODAY 1


    1. Of course we should listen to the Soros Western media bots and puppets of Western globalism and cheerleaders for US arms manufacturers instead right?
      You can have a different opinion and not be anyone’s bot.

    2. so now any one who point to the double standard is a Whataboutist and Putin boots , F..k Putin but it’s really hypocritical what we are seeing this days

    3. @Dab Dab Goose As a western my take is oppositional to the mainstream tripe, and I made an attempt to understand both sides….so that’s exactly what I am doing brah.. Thinking for myself…

      You just happen to agree with popular media? after well thought out reflection and research on the topic and after trying to look at both sides I guess?? ..what a coincidence. .

    4. @Dab Dab Goose <--- Clown acuses others of being bots, and then says others don't have original arguments.

  1. If U.S invasion of Iraq was a war crime then this might also be. However I don’t remember anyone sanctioning U.S. for the war crimes in the Chilcot investigation.

    1. 1. terrorists should expect to be bombed.
      2. you can’t just simply sanction the economic capital of the world.

    2. @Michael What terrorists? Are you talking about imaginary terrorists? Because US has never given any evidences.

      So as US is ecenomic capital, it can kill civilians from around the world at their will? Intresting thought, i guess Nazis had similar ones in WW2.

    3. Both Russia and the U.S. have used them and that the U.S. hasn’t banned itself from using them.

      Amnesty International has spoken about the civilian death toll in Iraq over the use of cluster bombs.

      What moral high ground does the U..S. have then?

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  3. “Call on the Lord in the day of trouble,
    and he will deliver you”
              -Psalm  50: 15


  5. 😂😂😂😂😂 as aoon as the U.S. is held to account for its numerous war crimes!! When that happens let me know!!

  6. Intresting thoughts, but why western journalists never mentione crimes made by Ukraine?

    Why there are no articles about Zugres seashore at 13 August of 2014 year? 14 people including 3 children were dead, 40 wounded. Ukrainian Army used BM-30 with sign “All the best for the kids” on it’s charges. Whre there any court in Hauge? No. Ukraine hadn’t done anything with their war criminals.

  7. Seems to me war is a crime. One could argue starting a war to stop genocide is a just war but if genocide is happening I would argue that the perpetrators of that genocide have started a war. War destroys property, injures and kills people, damages the environment polluting air water and soil. If I did any of these outside the context of war I could be be prosecuted. I would argue that with the first shot fired a crime was committed.

  8. It is not a crime to shave, dress decent, when you are presenting legal remarks to the public. Shows respect.

  9. Invasion of other country is not a war crime by itself
    but targeting non combatants is a war crime

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