1. I saw an officer kneeling with full weight on Mr. Floyd’s carotid artery depriving the brain of oxygenated blood. This was murder. To what degree is yet to be determined, but there is a clear indication of malice.

    1. Question, where in the police handbook does it state that you place your knee with full weight on a man’s neck? Please tell me where?

    1. If there isn’t any charges against those officer’s, other officer’s though out the country will pay along with innocent Americans.

      Why sacrifice others for a guilty few…

    2. @Billy BoyBlue bc trump gave them permission to be brutal..literally..trump: “when you put your hand on the suspects head to put him in the car, don’t be so gentle” several other comments were made at that rally..btw..the rally that this white killer cop attended..its on video..check it out..all on videos..

    3. @DONG LEMONAIDS NPC << Awe cupcake! Having fun running the GRU operation? How's Putin or your buds in the KGB doing?

    1. Dam right. They are trying hard to dig a rabbit out of a hat to support the murder.

    2. The mayor in Minneapolis is doing his best to stall and pretend to be powerless all while giving crocodile tears of sympathy. Remember the man ordered the national guard in. And for a ton of police to protect the main murderers home

    3. @Real Time Biblical Interpretation It’s What THEY Do, Time And Time Again
      When One Of THEIR Own Is Caught(Even On Tape) Which Doesn’t Lie, But
      WE ALL Know That THEY Do To Save One Of THEIR Own Who Is Guilty As

    1. This was premeditation; he deliberately sat on the precious man’s neck! He needs someone to sit on his neck! He’s a devil!

    2. mr ady and mim yay ya. He is not currently not in talking terms with cuomo or wolf😏

    3. I’d hardly consider a criminal ‘precious’. Funny thing is that law abiding citizens tend to avoid these type of scenarios and don’t have to deal with police brutality.

    1. @DONG LEMONAIDS NPC who do you think the victims family would rather hear from, trump or Biden. Once you answer that, which one do you think would express condolences with proper this is about you, not me?

    2. @ClayDog how long did it take you to think up a clever name to anonymously hide in youtube comments like a coward?

  2. Im fuming about this. And i live in Australia. I hope they get jailed for life. Keep protesting this hideous act😔🇦🇺

    1. Jo Gillett
      🙌🙌👌👌👌👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿😘💜🙏✝️🕊️👋🏼👍🏼😘. Thank you justice for George Floyd.💯🇦🇷🇵🇹🇪🇸🇺🇸

  3. This is appalling!!!! They are going straight to hell if they let those police off the hook!!!!

    1. It’s because law enforcements have a different set of laws. They’re above the common citizen laws. That’s why so many people fkn hate the police. The people that get paid to serve the community are instead killing other citizens with no repercussions. Our government and law enforcements are definitely corrupt.

    2. NO, Not Really, If Left Up To The Bias Prosecutor, Judges, ALL WHITE Juries, And Of
      Course Other Lying Police Officers, That Is Possible.

  4. Laura Coats is RIGHT. Cops have the DUTY to stop other cops that use excessive force or break other laws.

    1. Blue line ,thugs covering up for thugs. If you want to be a cop now you need to be evaluated.

    2. Dennis Lewis ,Yes to be evaluated to make sure you know how to cover up all the crimes that you commit


    2. Even the people I know who normally support and enable police brutality are saying this crossed a line. I still can’t imagine how overwhelmingly desperate and helpless George Floyd must have felt in that moment.

      Restrained. Being choked to death. No one to save you. An officer standing there making sarcastic remarks “he can talk he’s fine” gtfo here man I hope they ALL get charged with felony murder.

    1. u j wiersma
      😢😭😢. So sad. A man’s life taken away because because of his color. Justice for George Floyd
      Those police officers need to be executed in the electric chair

    2. Funny thing is, you have to be able to breathe in order to be able to say you can’t breathe..and libtards claim they are the bastions of science 😆

  5. Police officer was pressing his carotid artery and blocked blood flow into his brain. It is a murder!

    1. NPC P00per #2 you’re deluded. May the next one be you or your dear one so we can say it’s just 1 death.

    2. @NPC P00per #2 “IT’S 1 DUDE”
      You’re right, this is the ONLY TIME the police in this country have ever killed a person inappropriately. Up until today, that number was zero.
      You are worthless and we would have a better world if you were silent.

  6. He was cuffed and restrained. There was no need to choke him out for over 7 minutes. Period. No excuse.

  7. As a white man I see this over and over. If George was white he would still be alive. America is going down

    1. NPC Non Binary Demigender Pansexual Two Spirit fun fact! Your statistics are skewed and don’t take into account that the black population is a minority!! You’re so ignorant…

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