Is Trudeau preparing to leave politics? Mulcair on speculation 1

Is Trudeau preparing to leave politics? Mulcair on speculation


CTV News political commentator Tom Mulcair discusses speculation regarding the PM's walk on the beach in Tofino.

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    1. @bon bon dunno, sure knows how dirty things can get with internal party politics, got the knife scars in his back to prove it

  1. Oh Geeze he lied? That’s surprising. It’s not an error of judgment. He is a pos, plain and simple. He knew and didn’t care.

    1. @Stormrays dad AmericaN, Russian Troll, learn English. A THIRD on 1% more Dairy than Harper conceded in PTT, for Trump Caving on EVERYTHING? She CRUSHED Trump, he needed deal for midterms and caved, Boris, Putin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites

    2. @Mr. B sure, Russian Troll, like we paid for Harper’s vacations, duh, Boris, EVERYONE but bonbon is a Russian Troll here, Putin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites

    3. The only reason he’s apologizing is in order to curtail the political fallout… He’s completely self-serving and it starts and finishes with the hubris, that oozes from his pores…

    4. Absolutely, 100%! He has always looked after “#1” and couldn’t care less about Canada or Canadians…never has, never will. Look at where the country is now and compare it to 2015…

    1. Sure, Russian Troll, Putin wants to end democracy in Russia so his troll farm attacks it everywhere, duh. Boris, Putin’s GRU Mass Murdered Muscovites

  2. World leaders are stepping down and resigning one by one….how does one tell when the ship is starting to sink???? You always tell a ship is sinking when the rats start to pack up their bags and leave

  3. This would literally be a dream come true. I don’t care who replaces him, there is no way anyone has made the same amount of childish blunders that this clown has

    1. @Z Susugioro
      LOL don’t be silly they’re not a political party for governing a country. They’re a narrow-minded activist group.

    2. Wall to wall Russian Trolls hating on democracy here, Freeland is new PM, she forced Trump to concede ALL his Nafta demands for a THIRD a % more dairy than Harper’s PTT, ONLY Russians will hate her as PM. Trudeau was plausibly despised, not her, the Russian Trolls on News Vids will be OBVIOUS, even the Tories respect her work on Nafta 2.0.

    3. Liberals will remain in power, just Cynthia Freeland would most likely replace him. That wouldn’t be any worse but just wouldn’t be any better.

    1. @Tim Timtoo completely agree. Along with the rest of his ministers including hadju. Government is supposed to be about responsibility to the taxpayer and transparency. These corrupt clowns are the exact opposite. They are elitist, self-centered, self-serving politicians.

    2. If Canada was a car, 99% of that car would be over a cliff…even with “Traitourous Trudeau” gone, I’m not sure we won’t hit rock bottom.

  4. This is garbage he knew what he was doing he doesn’t give a rats pyjamas about Canada and Canadian’s. They could care less what anyone thinks.

  5. Please oh please make it be true.He needs to resign and leave with just a little dignity.Visiting crooks is his style.

  6. Get in, get rich(er), get out: the classic liberal play. Shame it all comes at the expense of Canadians, some of whom were dumb enough to vote for him.

    1. Mr b , anybody with a brain knows that you don’t get into politics to get rich, leaders of large corporations make 50 a100 times more than the Canadian prime minister.

    1. With what happened over the past two years, I understand why he bowed out. All of this has been in the works for years.

    2. @Punk Rachmaninoff You know, I like Singh a lot, and polls show that so did many other Canadians, and yet they voted for Mr. Ethics Violation instead (and he showed them exactly who they voted for again). Maybe it’s time to ask if Mr. Singh is the right guy for the job.

    1. @Darlene Aitken yes he has, but when Harper was running the show, and Mulcair ran the official opposition, he needed to be a pitbull to stand up to Harper!

  7. The NDP should hold out on Liberal support, in exchange for an agreement on electoral reform… Of course that won’t happen, but it would drastically change the playing field going forward, if they did!


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