Is Trump helping Putin hold on to power? 1

Is Trump helping Putin hold on to power?


CNN's Matthew Chance takes a look at whether President Donald Trump's fondness for Russia is helping President Vladimir Putin hold on to power as Putin sees a resounding victory in his bid to stay in power until 2036, according to preliminary results.

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    1. @Cartmen PUSHMIN Wow! “Pandemic”? I thought Bunker Baby told you it was a hoax and it would “magically disappear”. Keep ignoring the evidence and listen to a ‘man’ who cannot tell the truth!

    2. It’s amazing just how many DOZENS AND DOZENS of front page Russia stories keep coming out for over 3 years BASED ON NO FACTUAL PROOF OF JACK ANYTHING AT ALL. Liberals are ignorant sheep. After the first 3 years was wasted, Muellers OWN WORDS: “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government” … here we go again. Not a Steele DNC bought and paid for fraudulent dossier lacking any credibility, but this time, a NYT anonymous source. Need we go in to all the times in the past 4 years the NYT published something that wasnt true or had to issue apologies? Hell, just how many organizations (DOJ, CIA, etc) have come out SO FAR saying this info isn’t credible or proven? But oh no, liberals know better because they WANT to believe it and trust the discredited NYT and whatever millennial narrative pusher published this nonsense based on names they won’t give. Jesus…

    3. @William H Music 2020 Thank God for that. You back I see trolling and pasting the same s..t as yesterday. Stay of the Vodka it doesn’t do you any good.

  1. Трамп просит помощи у Путина, чтобы удерживать сильную власть в США наверное.

    1. @William H Music 2020 No, they aren’t. When trump loses in November be sure to tune-in to celebrations around the globe.

    2. @kathy kelly Groan . . . Crowdstrike again. Do some research on that outfit, then try proffering its creds.

    3. lol, Trump supporters have really cornered the market on sheer stupidity. The last time this man called something a hoax it killed 120,000 plus americans and counting. But here they are, throwing whataboutisms, poorly researched conspiracy theories and abjectly moronic statements around.

    4. Rod Rammer Yes, exactly. I believe it’s just another extreme example of all those who refuse to believe any warnings until the tragedy strikes closer to home. More of “that can’t happen to me” isms.
      Denial is rampant in this country. When people would rather believe the self centered, self interested, narcissistic oligarchy over all the extensive worldwide evidence that scientists and the entire medical profession have delivered and at the risk to not only themselves, but to everyone around them… then I think they’ve reached an all new level of narcissism or they have lost all respect or compassion for anyone else. I’m afraid we’re bound for a case of legendary “Darwinism.” I remember years ago when those much wiser than myself warned of the consequences of “dumbing down” and spoiling a country, generation after generation. Now we see the true meaning of ‘reaping what you sow’! It’s damn frightening!

    1. The Shake putin probably has evidence of ivanka and donald in russia,after all when howard stern asked them on his show,what they had in common, they replied sex.

    2. I think Putin is holding Trumps after all Putin’s balls are made of steel. Trump talks big, but he is a weak man where as Putin is a ex kgb he looks like a killer.

  2. When trumps with putin it’s like a teenage girl meeting her pop idol he’s so in love with him the same with kim and MBS.

    1. “Wait til I’min a better position til after the election”…..who said that to whom? Who asked Russia for a fake dossier? How much did Putin give Bill for a 30 min speech? Who didn’t give Ukraine weapons to fight the Russians, instead sent them pillows and sheets? Putin told what president to stfu with his “line in the sand”? See how this works?

    2. @Billy Cole II – *”I believe Putin!”*
      *- Donnie Helsinki Trump -*

      *Nuff said, stupid!*

    3. That is because he wants to be them. That is why the Geenerals are worried when he started to ignore the constitution.

  3. 45* will not try to go after Russians; however he will try (again) to use his power to imprison journalists who broke the story. And the GOP will support him either by action, or inaction.

    1. Robert Clawson You people are pathetic with your exaggerated “whataboutism” and the whole world knows it

    2. Trump is a Russian asset and that’s what history will say, just on the sanctions he removed should be questioned. #DumpTrump2020

    3. Trump doesn’t know what to do so he dirties his diaper, clicks his heels together three times and says “it’ll all just disappear” it’s called turning a pandemic into genocide through negligence.

      Don’t even get me started on the heinous crime of treason

    4. Friends, please ignore the bots and Trumpists who choose to spend their time slavishly defending him by trolling content they don’t even watch. Don’t waste your time and energy, they aren’t here because they’re reasonable people willing to consider facts.

      We’ve got the numbers, just #VoteBlueNoMatterWho and help get the vote out. Call Senators at (202)224-3121 to demand mail-in ballots, protection of the USPS, and support for the movement to #ImpeachAGBarr.

    1. Oh, everything Trump does gives Putin bragging rights of how he was able to destroy the US with the help of his best friend Trump! !

    2. @Craig Crawford Says the deranged moron who was so easily indoctrinated to literally believe the potus is a Kremlin sleeper agent. You make the repub birthers look like Nobel laureates

  4. Putin is playing chess.
    Trump needed an EMT to extract the candyland pieces he tried to eat.

    1. Libtards still watch CNN. Nickelodeon has higher ratings and more reliable facts. You should switch networks!

  5. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of us common folk didn’t get used like pawns in a chess game…

    1. all us common folk have the ability to do what the greatest generation did and that is to Unite and get rid of all bad politics and parties and elect a new government. With a good leader we can industrialize and overcome all this . It has been done before.

    2. @partical7 When it comes to the End Game pawns are the ones left standing with the King… common folk are more like Rooks/Bishops and Knights… hell even the Queen gets traded out Middle Game

    3. Maybe “common folks” should educate themselves and avoid voting for their favorite game show host?

  6. Those ‘scanning’ voting machines used in Russia are actually just document shredders

    1. @Dothe mathemathics Nah we’d just let him serve til he died at age 80. We dont believe in removing dictators or incompetent presidents. We gotta own them libs…MURICA!!

    2. @Lily Zavala Close but no…I am just a survivor of the Soviet style Demoralization(brainwashing) I was exposed before fleeing Cuba to come to the USA, greatest country on Earth and the one you are free to live anytime if you don’t like it the way it is.

  7. I think that Russia has something on Trump and he knows it. But Russia is in no rush to release the information. They want to see more destruction to our country.

    1. Robert Manzella and all the republicans believe that. A worldwide hoax created by Obama and Hillary has the entire world on lockdown.

    2. Better be careful they say if you looking the corner of your protective mask you will find a 666

    3. Nobody remembers that, probably because President Trump said no such thing. Joe Biden can’t get elected in the comment section. Let’s just wait & see what happens in November. If you asked me, Joe Biden campaigns for President Trump wherever he shows his face or opens his trap.Have you heard Joe’s plans for his first 100 days in office? Oh Brother!

    1. Bernie bro here. Don’t believe cnn Russia crap. The dem establishment tries to redscare anyone they don’t like, and it keeps them from discussing real issues. They did it with Tulsi, Bernie, and many other progressives. I used to believe it too but now I see it’s all fake BS.

  8. Every average intelligent person could tell from the first day of Trump’s presidency that Kim Jung-Un would outplay Trump. The way Trump speaks, acts, and criticizes others tells so much about his poor educational background.

  9. Someone needs to step up and save us from Trump.
    We Need a secret service agent to become a hero.

    1. Like John Wilkes Booth did to Lincoln? You radicalized Democrats are today as evil and repulsive as Democrats have been since Andrew Jackson founded that Party.

    2. Americans, always looking for a hero to save them from themselves, never going to happen, you made your bed and now you will have to lie in it all the way to hell.

    3. @cxrdz The bunch of idiots didn’t put him in power the electoral college did, you’re all responsible for that election process.

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