Is working from home the new normal? | Just The FAQs

Is working from home the new normal? | Just The FAQs 1


Working from home has exploded since the start of the pandemic. While it might seem temporary, it could become the new normal. Here's why.
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OAKLAND, Calif. – For a preview of the future of office work, watch how the biggest tech companies are preparing for a post-pandemic world.

Silicon Valley and Seattle giants – Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter – were the first to send their employees home as the virus spread to the U.S. Now they're among the last to return them to the office. Some of their employees might never go back.

The companies are studying what their highly-paid, highly-valued employees want, using their own technology to make remote work easier and looking to hire new workers outside of big city hubs. It's a potentially huge turnaround after years in which companies like Amazon and Google chased scarce tech talent by opening or expanding offices in hip urban locations such as San Francisco and New York.

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  1. loved it

  2. Olivergavin Gavin | May 28, 2020 at 10:54 AM | Reply

    When the Coronavirus known as COVID-19 outbreak is over some Company should save money while letting people to work at home.

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