Isabel Wilkerson On The New Reconstruction Era In America | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Isabel Wilkerson On The New Reconstruction Era In America | The Last Word | MSNBC


Coming out of the Trump administration, the pandemic, and the Capitol insurrection, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, Isabel Wilkerson, tells Lawrence O’Donnell the United States is facing a new kind of Reconstruction. “Hopefully we will learn from the past and be able to actually reach the democracy and the full participation and full sense of justice and accountability for all that has gone before us.” Aired on 02/18/2021.
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Isabel Wilkerson On The New Reconstruction Era In America | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Most Americans don’t seem to know or have been taught history. They seem to have been taught mythologies…

    1. Which is sad, because I grew up in Colorado, learned proper history, moved to Arkansas, not my choice, and they call it the war of northern aggression here, I was like wtf, but knitting was a required class too, so my takeaway, if there is one, is that southern education is severely lacking, and utterly hindered by heavy religion that teaches ignorance.

    2. @Lex Ruptor Ignorance of what, because it takes faith to believe proper history as well. I would say southern education has both proper education and religion. It’s not typically one or the other.

  2. It’s probably fair to suppose that everyone viewing this Content has more or less the same take on what is happening in America. I also suppose that a large portion of the American Public, say 48 percent, have a polarised view and probably don’t watch anything from MSNBC. The main challenge today is to have open and regular Dialog between the opposing groups and try to find a healthy common ground to move forward. But battle we must! Against bad faith.

    1. @Ash Roskell Manners are necessary. I was referring to the rudeness of murder and racism. If the poetry is lost on you, well, that’s on you.

  3. What the Republicans MUST come to terms with is that not only is Georgia a blue state, it’s just the first of many red states on that path. Until and unless the Republicans move from voter suppression to voter recruitment, they are and will remain a Lame Duck Party.

  4. Its sad how america has declined and whished its on itself ,belive me next year will be far worst ,i hate to say this but be prepard ,

    1. it’s going to take years to get to the tip of our America to repair. Diaper don did so much damage . look up diaper don, it’s a true story

    2. @garry carlyle – The Biden-Harris Team had a good running start. Trump’s contempt for the Legislative Branch was so complete that whenever possible he made changes by Executive Order instead of by law. Biden walked into office already prepared to reverse many of those Executive Orders immediately, and he did in the first couple of days without a great deal of fanfare. It’s true that several departments caught Trump’s attention and will require a long time to reconstruct with qualified professionals once again.

  5. So glad to see that Biden, and his very competent and professional cabinet is tackling the
    major issues so well. I had to leave my country years ago when Bush equated intellectuals
    as terrorists. Watched it go downhill from there, but feeling hope for a return to a safe place.

  6. “Reconstruction,” didn’t go too well last time. This has been a lot like Andrew Johnson, following Abe Lincoln, trying to undo everything Lincoln achieved and prevent black emancipation. But, we have to hope that this new era addresses the GOP realistically? If trump was in power now, we would be looking at the OUTLAWING of merely being an opponent, as a party or as an individual. “Lock her up,” began BEFORE trump got the presidency. And, by the end, the GOP did not recognise ANY opposition as legitimate, even in defeat. Especially in defeat. The GOP are Fascist now. Unless we get REAL about that threat, they will destroy the Republic. Especially now they have more free time on their hands

  7. Georgia is also becoming the last stand for white people to try to suppress black voters in the Republican state congress.

  8. “Do you want your history relegated to a month? How do you deal with racism? Stop talking about it. If you stop addressing me as a black person, I will stop addressing you as a white person.”- Morgan Freeman.

  9. Part of this section of Lawrence O’Donnell’s show is where he states that this is the first time the VP is not a white man. This is not true. Herbert Hoover’s VP was Charles Curtis, a Native American. He was a person of color.


  11. When the foundation was/is built on rotten and built on sand then the whole structure will come tumbling down Just like Humpty Dumpty and all the king’s men could not put him back together again.

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