1. They are so brave. They know this would happen yet they still stand in front of the gate to help people. God bless their souls and all the civilians who died as well. We live in an evil world.

  2. In thinking on what officials can do to protect our military personnel, innocent civilians and others at the airport. What comes to my mind besides making everyone strip down to their underwear a long distance away, which isn’t realistic, is to have bomb sniffing dogs there. Place them at an entry way the furthest from human contact between anyone trying to get onto the airport and our soldiers who must vet those who want to board planes. Don’t know if that is possible this late in the evacuation but a thought. Probably by the time we could get dogs out to them, it may be after the 31st? Our brave men and women need to leave probably before the 31st.

    1. I’m guessing if that’s possible, they’re already doing it. Not to dismiss your comment in any way. How refreshing to hear someone think about practical solutions with care and concern for those in danger, instead of exploiting a hellish situation to make inane political “points” in the comments :0)

    1. @Darrell Combs Its not hard to say which soldier is going to have an edge on the other soldier. American soldiers are in highschool a year before they go to bootcamp. Taliban/ISIS have kids training in warfar at 12 years old or younger. They know how to snipe and build bombs by the time they are 14. How many american 14 year olds know how to build bombs and snipe people?

      Its not even fair to give some 18 year old kid some military training, basic combat skills, hype them up like they are some super soldiers, then drop them in the desert to fight these guys. The only reason America has lasted at all against these guys is because of the drone attacks.

    2. @Science is Hard Answer the question? Weโ€™re you in the Military? Iโ€™m waiting. Then I will give you my feedback.

    3. @Science is Hard You know what, Iโ€™m not waiting on your response because I know you have never been in the Military. Let me explain something to you. As a Retired Marine I have personally seen the actions of young Marines in the time that calls for ACTION!!! You have NO CLUE to what you are saying! The young people who join our American ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Forces have more DETERMINATION and WILL POWER than you could even fathom! You have never seen them fight! You have never seen them sweat and bleed! You have never seen them fight along side a Brother or a Sister! You have never seen the Camaraderie between them! The ESPRIT DE CORPS, which these young men and women is something that you will NEVER understand. Furthermore, you have no idea of the training that goes on in any type of boot camp and follow on training even before getting to a unit. So, Donโ€™t tell me that our Forces are no match for these savages. You have NO CLUE!

    1. IKR? We should make them wear masks and teaching them to identify themselves based on the letters LGQTBAI +

    1. @Princess Tiarra
      Who is the Nazi? We are the people in Israel wanna know who that was?
      We know that demented joe administration are behaving like the Russian Gustavo roaming around people in restaurants asking for proof of vaccination, the socialist communist party in the USA are censoring conservatives and banning them from social media, including #45 and his family, we know that demented joe administration lie to the Americans and conspire to steal the election ..So who is the Dictator here ?

    2. @Princess Tiarra
      I know your real name, itโ€™s Shaneequa..tell you momma to pay her section 8 rent ..she hasnโ€™t paid for 16 month

  3. I’ll say this. It’s amazing how the politicians of the world can split us us main Democrats and Republicans. As a veteran of 20 years I’ve been all over the world in most countries, not all, but most and I’ve always seen that the people these various countries get along fabulously it’s a politicians that don’t get along and it’s really sad

    1. Correct, people are so divided for what? Corrupt politicians! Wake up America. Don’t let your Bias dictate who we are. We can disagree with policies, but we are fellow Americans. We are all Human. I know there is good and bad people in this Country. Reach for your better self not your worst self. This division MUST STOP. The Hate MUST STOP. I am sending Love out to ALL Americans โค Remember, Together we are Strong and can do ANYTHING, Divided we can not Succeed and We will Fall.

    2. @Carl os Correction. The leftist MSM and the Democrats including Ovomit with his identity politics are responsible for creating division like the Marxists they are. Straight out of their hero Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals which praises Satan as the first radical.

  4. With all those people trying to get into the airport…… How easily do you think it would be to pick out ONE PERSON wearing a suicide vest? Warning or not, it would be like playing Where’s Waldo, with a gun to your head!

  5. Maybe things would have been very different if the civilians had been evacuated before the troops pulled out, before the Taliban took over and released thousands of isis fighters from prison.

    1. They are being evacuated BECAUSE the Taliban took over. These are civilians who were there to help the Afghan government and military function. If the Taliban didn’t take over, they would not be leaving the country.

    2. @Kristi Marie Nope, the interpreters etc, and their families, were always going to be evacuated whether the Taliban took over or not. Hence, they should have been evacuated BEFORE the troops pulled out. The US always knew that the Taliban would take over, they just hadn’t planned for the real possibility that it would happen so quickly, even though they had been warned.

    3. @William Bosley The interpreters were staying in their county until the Taliban took over. They worked with us to build up their country, not to gain access to ours.

      Facts are facts.

    4. @Kristi Marie But the US knew the Taliban would take over, are you saying that the US had planned to leave them to the Taliban all along?

  6. close bagram, pick an airport surrounded by 4 million people as the evacuation point, then issue reports about the danger of such a stupid decision. biden is on a roll

  7. They should have been out before the military was evacuated in the middle of the night with no warning.

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