1. Afghanistan is devolving into civil war making it even more essential for the US to leave the country asap.

    1. @L Mackay you know that trump made a deal with the taliban. He assentuily started the process. Without a plan, like most of his life’s failures, he did it for show. He , yes trump set free 6000k detained terrorists from custody. Including war lords. But, he didn’t get anything in return. He litterly given Afghanistan to the taliban. We needed to leave. It’s been 20 years, billions of American dollars, thousands of servmembers that never came home. So, you think we should have stayed indefinitely in a country that refuses to fight for themselves? How about you or some of the people you love go over and risk your lives for basically nothing.

    2. @I didn’t mean to trigger you. And that 5000 Taliban fighters includes now the #1 leader and strategist in Taliban, Baradar!

    3. @I didn’t mean to trigger you. We’re not trolls and we’re still waiting for you to answer our questions. What’s the hold up?

    4. @I didn’t mean to trigger you. Does that make you feel powerful somehow? Trolling people’s profiles? I thought I already called you out on that. Or maybe the multiple troll accounts you have on here gives you a false sense of power. Who knows. Say, when are you going to answer the questions I asked you?

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot the legal owner of the weapons systems you want the US government to have stolen when they left.

    2. @Dan No one is buying your nonsense dear. Go join an echo chamber of Qtips if you want attention. Your account has been muted by myself at the least.

    3. @Noreb Please site an article or ANY evidence that says no U.S. military equipment was left in Afghanistan and taken by the Taliban. I’m wondering if you just make things up to make yourself feel better about your vote OR if you are getting bad info from some news source. It’s widely reported that we left military hardware in Afghanistan and destroyed, I assume, all we could but not all of it.

    1. @Borelock PVP sorry but bin laden has been dead for a decade. “Never forget” is just a propaganda tool just like how Uncle Sam was. Imagine thinking you’re fighting terrorists when really you’re stealing oil😂😂👌

  2. I believe that we are all angered by this senseless tragedy today. These were good people serving their country but I am also afraid that this is just the beginning of the deaths we will see in the coming weeks

    1. ABC, CBS and especially NBC/MSNBC…
      “Mostly peaceful bombings, today, as President Biden leads the Greatest Evacuation from Kabul (mostly NOT Americans) harkening back the days of Dumbkirk! While, on our Southern Border… we’ll, there is no border as hundred of thousands rush into the country to escape the Taliban. On the financial side, whatever “free money” you got to stimulate is now officially LESS than the inflated prices of groceries and gas… so call this a progressive eight months!”

    2. Serving their country? The last men who ACTUALLY served their country were ww2 vets. Everyone else after are war criminals who either fought for capitalism or natural resources.

    3. @Dan true we went there twenty years ago on a lie ( looking for weapons of mass destruction ). Twenty years and the only weapons they have are the one we gave them along with Russia over the last twenty years. Then a Draft Dodger surrendered to the Taliban promising them a bunch of BS . The commanders knew we had to get out, and they knew the end wasn’t going to be good.

    4. @New Blue 2they know things that we don’t know. Civilians and Draft Dodger”s shouldn’t ever be allowed to make decisions about war.

  3. Provide our troops with the intelligence, in any way possible 🙏🙏 isis is not gonna stop 😡
    God protect our troops 🙏 🙌 and all the innocent afghan people.


    2. @Francyne Lane Amen! Our troops are depending on our leaders 🥺 this is not the time for division, we need to do the right thing, whatever that will have to be for now 😔 and get them back home 🙏 we all need to pray for this to end soon, with as less casualties as possible 🙏

    1. @wandering spirit Oh wait.. bush started Afghanistan war too. Oh man. It’s like the gop loves wars.

    2. @I didn’t mean to trigger you. lots of these trump trolls about . They don’t have the balls to go on the main comment thread but attack in the reply section. Best to ignore the sackless lil turds.

  4. This is why you need to help the northern alliance fighting Taliban NOW! They have the capability of giving USA intelligence it needs on the ground! Looks like sleepy Joe is finally living up to his name!

    1. Joe biden, worst president to ever set foot in the Oval Office!!! He is inept, he is incompetent, he has no idea what he is doing, and should never been handed the office of presidency!! He has let this country down with this chaos of a withdrawal, and now, due to his inability to lead authoritatively, sorry to say that, 11 Marines & 1 Navy have died!! He is to blame; he needs to step down and take the very incompetent VP with him!!!

    1. And after a week, they won’t cover it anymore. Then it’ll be back to arguing that Jan6 was a serious attempt to overthrow the entire US military. You know, maybe Biden is pulling troops from Afghanistan to protect the capitol from those dangerous insurgents MSNBC is always ranting about. We need to bring back the marines to stop the guy with horns!

    2. The fact that a lot of you post without really reading is laughable!!! YouTube soldiers and such!! Smh..

    1. @Censorship Is real ISIS K is for Pakistan and Afghanistan.. there is another ISIS for India as well… we have 100 deadbodies this year till August.

    2. @AP Khorasan comprised the present territories of northeastern Iran, parts of Afghanistan and southern parts of Central Asia. 

      Khorasan is a big chunk of territory that wants this group to obtain

    3. @Raf Cy isis has target to claim area from Pakistan india Afghanistan. So they hv created different organizations.

    1. @chris le an old quote from trump but Israel State Intelligence Agency is probably the correct answer.

    1. @Nathan Bigsby trump invited the taliban to Camp David & said soldiers how die are suckers & losers.

      Are you sure? [insert giggly emoji here.]

    2. @Nathan Bigsby Hey Nathan.. You Joined YouTube on Jan 28, 2021. That is 22 days after trump’s terror attack on Jan 6th 2021.


    1. They cheated!! Somebody wanted him in that position because ‘they’ knew he slime biden) would do anything they wanted!! Looks like’ their’ goal is the destruction of America as a nation!!

    2. Did the president attack the service members? At least he’s not narcissist psychopath that started an insurrection?

    3. When it looked like Bernie was gonna win, everyone panicked and got behind Obama’s former VP. Just put that old fool in front of a teleprompter. It worked for Reagan apparently, though that was before my time

  5. You don’t want to be abandoned by God? Then make sure you don’t abandon Him. As is written: «… THUS SAYS THE LORD: “YOU HAVE ABANDONED ME, SO I HAVE ABANDONED YOU…”- 2 Chronicles 12:5

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