ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi believed to have been killed in a US military raid, sources say

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi believed to have been killed in a US military raid, sources say 1


ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is believed to have been killed in a raid conducted by the US military in northwest Syria on Saturday, according to a senior US defense official and a source with knowledge. The final confirmation is pending while DNA and biometric testing is conducted, both sources tell CNN.

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  1. Shreyash Prashu | October 27, 2019 at 8:56 AM | Reply

    Wow it’s diwali…. victory of good over evil! Happy Diwali!!

  2. This ISIS leader has been “killed” more times than Jason on Friday the 13th.

    • @Lily Blackwell Trust the US government? Trump has spent his whole presidency saying he doesn’t trust US intelligence, CIA. Where are the pictures of the dead body?

    • I agree, my first reaction was also “this time for reals?”
      It doesn’t help that Trump is the one doing the announcement. He isn’t really known for his honesty…
      That being said: I’m glad that the world got rid of al-Baghdadi. This will probably be the only time I will say this: thank you Donald. Good job.

    • @Hank just like he did with the farmers, just like he said Mexico will pay for the wall, just like he said he will wipe out the deficit on day one, and today $ 1 trillion added!
      Ya, he’s taking care of business all right!

  3. He suicided himself w the death 💀 vest? Lol sounds like his body double just bit the dust😂

  4. It is “funny” that the emotion of the announcer when she reports this event.

    • frederick porter | October 27, 2019 at 12:25 PM | Reply

      @Powerstroke Diesel ooof course when it comes to your precious buffoon trump. Anyone else, after all his lies and exaggerating you would be suspicious and wait for a official transcript press conference from some one from the pentagon, a general military expert. But oh no trump can lie a million times and everyone who doesn’t trust him they are the one who needs medication 🤔🤔. WOW!!

  5. cartgamerYT carter | October 27, 2019 at 10:17 AM | Reply

    Breaking news…Jeff Zucker screams at the sky and passes out😂😂😂💀

    • IKR, I bet Jeff is in a frezzy on how he twist this on the President!

    • Bumble Blimfield | October 27, 2019 at 11:31 AM | Reply

      Don’t worry , he will find a way to spin this… he wants to keep cashing those George Soros checks

    • Lmao 😆 An it was do to a super secret weapon program mandated by Trump himself, which consists of hypnotizing your average tax paying billionaire ,then makes them look up to the sky for no apparent reason whatsoever and just scream your Longs out till they pop or you juts plainly pass out.

      My God Trump is at it again 😂

    • Hildebeast Clinton | October 27, 2019 at 12:00 PM | Reply

      cartgamerYT carter As then FBI Director, Robert Mueller falsely testified to Congress that Saddam had WMDs in Iraq. Guess what? That gave Cheney the green light on six 20+ year wars.

  6. Would like to thank our brave military people and will keep my prayers on the military dog that got hurt in this mission…God bless our military people

  7. As a muslim i believe this is the best news i’ve heard . My 2019 year is made . This guy misrepresented us as muslims . Alhamdullilah

    • Achilles 1776 all those words and it came out as babbling. Christians don’t hate Jews. That is a far left fallacy that you chose to perpetuate. I’m sorry you keep losing and you have no answers to stop the hemorrhaging. Maybe put the barrel in your Soy Boy mouth and pull the trigger. That would put you out of your misery.

    • paul vorderwinkler | October 27, 2019 at 12:18 PM | Reply

      @T N. T <> LOL here we go, once again. a muhammadan betraying his religion`s most trusted sources… guys are amazing. you`re obviously a shiite, aren`t you? it seems all of the teachings of this cult are freely at everyone`s disposition, just as it suits him in the momentary situation. what a disgrace this ideology is, and how scary to see what it does to human minds.

    • Evidently you are NOT a practicing Muslim.

    • asalama leykum

  8. 2019 made my day and the others day.

  9. The amazing thing about this is the timing of the announcement.

    • Lorric Logging | October 27, 2019 at 11:57 AM | Reply

      Armando Garcia yeah, they had him in a bag to pull out and kill when they needed a diversion from being impeached. Really, you’re that fooled? Look in the mirror, amigo, the press has got you in a bag.

    • Just like Obama with Osama Bin Laden in 2011 🤐

    • @Tony Bobér – It’s entirely possible that the location was known with the operation “on hold” You have to be aware that the president’s performance in the last week or two may have been enough to limit the scope of what might have been planned. This isn’t exactly Osama bin Laden though – we’ll see how it affects the politics – it could go either way.

    • @Willie Speirs possible this and possible that, just like CNN, you must come here allot

  10. el_flako_del_LAFC_ d9u | October 27, 2019 at 11:02 AM | Reply

    So this is like bin laden raid back in the day… thanks to the brave man who did this

  11. How dare Trump hunt down people of color! – Libtard

  12. “Has been killed” implies he was assassinated. No, the coward took his own life rather than face up to his crimes.

    • TheGuitarmanrh | October 27, 2019 at 11:51 AM | Reply

      He also dragged three young children into the tunnel and blew them up as well!!
      And watch the first POTUS press conference, particularly the glee and happiness in Trump as he describes how fantastic it was to watch him squeal and wail as he dragged 3 young kids into a tunnel and blew himself and the kids up!!
      Trump was nearly jumping up and down as he described it as being fantastic to watch, just like a movie!!!
      To me his true colours really come out in this press conference!
      He is another psychopathic ghoul elitist, with zero empathy!
      People without empathy make excellent actors!

    • Lorric Logging | October 27, 2019 at 11:59 AM | Reply

      TheGuitarmanrh crocodile tears from you. You have lost the ability to discern right from wrong

    • TheGuitarmanrh | October 27, 2019 at 12:33 PM | Reply

      @roy rogers Good Old America, full of gung ho bloodthirsty faux Christian’s who can’t discern when children are being exploited! No wonder Jeffery Epstein got away with so much

  13. She sounds disappointed when she announced the news.

  14. Christian Longo | October 27, 2019 at 11:17 AM | Reply

    wonder how the left will twist this against the president to mis credit him 😂

  15. Damacharla Bharath | October 27, 2019 at 11:26 AM | Reply

    He should get 72 gay’s in heaven 😂😂😂😂

  16. Whisperingpine1 | October 27, 2019 at 11:39 AM | Reply

    Near the end of the speech: “He died like a dog”.

    That is sooooo Trump – the super fundamentalist Islamists absolutely despise dogs – not quite pig fat on the bullets, but not a bad approximation.

  17. wamulonjezo di | October 27, 2019 at 11:42 AM | Reply

    Who ever set a trap for others will be trapped by it

  18. How I wish the gates of hell had a web cam so I could see the look on his face when he finds out there ain’t no f**kin 72 virgins….😆😂

    • Golden Empress | October 27, 2019 at 12:03 PM | Reply

      Deep down inside, I think he knows.
      Then he gets a surprise visit in hell from the Catholic Pope. He brought him 72
      Roman Catholic virgin NUNS. 😉
      SURPRISE!!! Then a Christian minister drops by….assures them that they are now like all the angels in heaven. They all ask, what does this mean? Oh. He says. It means that there is NO SEX IN HEAVEN.
      The Nuns…start crying. They were holding out for some really hot guys.

  19. Who gave him the release in 2009? thats right the dems……

  20. The DNA confirmation was made already, but nice job trying to discredit this mission CNN, so typical fake news.

    • Katharina bock | October 27, 2019 at 12:13 PM | Reply

      Tony Bobér so he is not bin killed, was that fake? Oh that’s too bad. That would be a big accomplishment when that would be true,

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