Israel New Government Compromises On West Bank Settlements | MSNBC

NBC’s Raf Sanchez reports on Israel’s new bank settlements.

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Israel New Government Compromises On West Bank Settlements | MSNBC


  1. Some in Israel seem to “conveniently” forget the nineteen thirty’s.

    History keeps on repeating.

    1. @The Epstein Diaries Not in the least.
      For shites and giggles …
      Where did that go ?
      No I am suggesting the subjugation of a “group of people” for further political aims.
      I should have stated at the beginning I only meant, as the different interpretation’s of some “Biblical” source.
      “An eye for an eye”.
      You get what you reap.

    2. The better comparison is European colonialism. Natives slowly but surely pushed off of their land, treaties made and promptly broken, and their communities systematically pulled apart. Israeli “settlers” didn’t learn this from Germany – they learned this from America.

    3. @a rose by the other name As a Native American (Miꞌkmaq) I see that VERY clearly.
      Stay safe and healthy.

  2. Widely seen as a violation on international law? You hack IT IS A VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW.

    1. Yeah, by the same countries who have vowed to destroy Israel. If it is a violation, that means that every country in the region and the Palestinians are in violation as well.

    2. @Elliot Mason oh for sure the entire UN wants to see Israel destroyed. Can you live in reality please.

    3. @Ascetic Blur Every single one of the measures that have been filed at the UN, saying that is was against international law, in which none have gotten past the security council, have been authored and sponsored by the Arab states. Those same Arab states give money to Hamas, a terrorist group that has it written into their charter that Israel must be destroyed and every Jew on the planet killed. So yeah, when you support terrorist groups that work to have another Holocaust, then you are in support of their philosophy.

    1. @Elliot Mason Then maybe you should check a map from 1967 and 2021. The 4th Reich of Israel is evil.

    2. @John Smith, Really? Maybe you should check the map from 1980 to present day. Oh, and by the way, there has never officially ever been Palestinian land because the Palestinians did not exist until 1967. No land was ever designated to a group of people called Palestinians. The partition recognized only two groups, Arabs and Jews and ar no time did anyone claim differently. In addition, at no time in history was a Palestinian people or nation ever recognized, nor did anyone ask for one until Jordan lost the war after illegally attacking Israel in 1967.

      And let me ask you a question, if you are so concerned about Palestinian land being taken, then how come you don’t ask Jordan to give their land back since they took 80% of the British Mandate? Israel only got 20% of the land. So how come you are not demanding they give their land back? Gee, I wonder.

    3. @Elliot Mason Son of Israel, the oppressed have become the oppressors. Live with your shame!

    4. @John Smith this is such a typical tactic used by someone when they know they have lost a debate, They don’t have facts so they resort to insults.

      I am a Jew who comes from Judea, I am proud of my land and my country. So please, why don’t you answer my question? It seems rather simple. I already know the reason why you object, and it has nothing to do with sympathy or some perceived injustice. I think we both know the reason why. It’s hard to hide your true motivation.

    5. @Elliot Mason Maps don’t lie, there was no debate. Just ignorance and avoidance on your side.

    1. Steal? I always find it amusing when the Palestinians, or the Jordanians, or the Syrians, or the Egyptians take land, it’s just fine. But if Israel moves into land that was originally awarded to them, that somehow its stealing. Can you say double standard?

  3. At least during the German occupation of my country, our ground has not been populated with Germans. Israelian Apartheid.

  4. I ask the one lord who has witness the story of prophet Joseph and how his brothers bring his shirt with blood to his father Jacob, the one who has witnessed his shirt being cut from the backside due to the women, I ask him who has witnessed the bringing of the shirt to his father to gave him the good news. I ask you Allah who you witness everything to protect the children and old man who has been kicked out of their homes and surrounded in stripes …Amen

  5. Palestinian government should give peace to Israel. Sliwan is a big part of Israel’s history and archaeology will show that. Same with Al Asqa Mosque…purposely built over The Jewish Temple. Archaeological digs would prove its origin.

  6. They neglict what the lord instructed them to implement their promises… They neglect that (Oslo as a good example)

  7. Every word (promise) of God in the Bible will be fulfilled as stated. It’s a just a matter of God’s prophetic timeline.

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