Israeli Coalition Reaches Deal To Oust Netanyahu | MSNBC 1

Israeli Coalition Reaches Deal To Oust Netanyahu | MSNBC


A coalition of 61 Israeli parliamentary lawmakers have reached a deal that could oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years in power, but members of the Knesset still need to vote to approve the new government. NBC News’ Kelly Cobiella reports from Tel Aviv. 

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    1. @Hanad – No, it’s always some combination of red, white, or blue depending on what show you’re watching and time of day.

    1. How? Trump helped forge peace treaties between Israel and other Arab nations. Many of the best liberal contortionists have been struggling to spin this some other way, but they’ve all failed miserably.

    2. @Robert Johnston Right? Biden’s first action was to Bomb Iranian targets in Syria. The level of denial with left extremists is just staggering.

  1. If Netanyahu had any sense of patrioism, he would have stepped down long ago. His brother was a better man!

    1. His motivation has been his brother’s death bibi is the type of guy who would have Israel burn down than have any semblance of peace

    1. @Mr. Natural no the US should be sending the Palestinians weapons to defend against the weapons they gave the terrorist state of Israel! Can’t wait to see Netanyahu brought to justice on his crimes against humanity! And look you’re just blaming the Palestinians and moving on ya moron

    2. @Mr. Natural Palestine technically isn’t a country so he literally isn’t a leader…

    1. @Shai Gutterman yeah they definitely have no say in who they choose to take orders from.

    2. Sorry, maybe you come from some banana republic, but the Israeli defense force is non partisan and allways was. Unlike any other country in the middle east, democracy is a corner stone of this country. That being said, Bibi might strike a new deal, with the same parties, and stay in power.

  2. People think he’s just going to give up power? Don’t think so… Not from seeing history of other fascist leaders

  3. How is that more complicated than US politics, this is simple even for an elemetary schooler

    1. It’s more complicated because Americans can’t get their head around the idea of more than two parties and that a majority in the elections cant and shouldn’t automatically declare the winner as the head of the government. Is it complicated? No. Is it different. Yes.

  4. Neatmanyahoo knows all the tricks and will find a way to stay in and if you think he can’t, you are very likely wrong.

  5. I knew that let’s go to war had a purpose. He thought he was slick. Jared has some explaining to do to him. The great senator from SC wanted to give him a 1billion dollar going away gift. Awesome.

  6. Irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office. We should try to be financially free, and only Business and investment can make that happen…

    1. @Kennedy Lewis He’s really amazing with an amazing skills he changed my 0.3btc to 2.1btc

    2. Seeing alot of successstories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him

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