Israeli Defense Minister Joins Coalition To Oust Benjamin Netanyahu 1

Israeli Defense Minister Joins Coalition To Oust Benjamin Netanyahu


A coalition of Israeli opposition leaders, including Defense Minister Benny Gantz, are facing a midnight deadline to reach a deal that would oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and declare a new government. NBC News’ Kelly Cobiella reports from Tel Aviv. 

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  1. The guy, who entered politics to oust the PM, is joining a coalition, that wants to oust the PM. This isn’t news.

  2. Django must face another round! Question for bibi pink out: Who Did That To You? A la Jhon Legend

    1. Nothing is going to change lol. The bannet dude who is going to replace netanyahu may as well be hitler reincarnated.

    2. @Kyzer Soze very true, I don’t think one can get any more anti Palestine than Naphtali.

    3. @don juran “a Jew/yehudim will be punished seven times for his Sin” says the Jewish Bible/Torah,
      and I believe it!!

    1. So just so we get it straight. You justify terrorism, because of some precived lack of dignity? I grew up at a time where Israel and the Palestinian authorities were about to sign a peace deal. Israel stopped all it’s offenses. Evacuated hundreds of settlements. Armed the Palestinian authority police so they have a true mandate over their own nation. You know what happened? At the same time, daily and weekly terrorist attacks from separatists, supported by a coalition of Muslim leaders from north Africa and the middle east and a large majority of Palestinians too.

      I think we should treat then with dignity, and we do most of them time (did you expect to here about good behavior, in the news?) But don’t be so naive as to think THAT’S how there will be peace.

  3. “A coalition between a centrist party, and….uuuummmm…Naftali Bennet” just say it, an extreme-right party

    1. @Brihaspati Dattatreya Invisible Man in the Sky is sure happy you are spreading his imaginery word.

    2. @Brihaspati Dattatreya FOX is Satan’s tool. Fox means – thief, liar, sneaky, underhanded and so on

  4. Netanyahu has been untouchable in the past. Has his time finally run out? Idk. But I’ll be watching…

  5. *look at the entire menagerie of people within israel* … then… you’ll know what you are dealing with…

  6. i can just hear it now! trump clapping him on the back saying bibi! prime minister for life!

  7. I thought they already had a extreme right wing party , take everything because God said so party , I have no idea about politics in Israel , is this supposed to be more respectful toward other people move or what ?

  8. Someone will have to pay
    For the innocent blood
    They shed every day
    Children mark my word
    It’s what the Bible say, yeah yeah.
    Hon. Robert Nesta Marley.

  9. The normal trouble embryologically belong because interviewer intialy wriggle off a muscle. abusive, daffy ornament

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