1. Yes a credibility problem! They seem to have learnt well from the trump administration, or? In fact, we are truely in an era of disinformation and lies. Attacking journalists is an extension of this new strategy

    1. @dogtato So, what you’re suggesting is that when terrorists attack Israel with unguided missiles fired towards population centers in the hopes of causing mass death and injury, Israel should be considerate of the terrorists feelings and try to be equitable in their response, which would be firing hundreds of rockets into populated areas of “Palestine”. Is that what you’re suggesting?

    2. @LF313 Oh my god. You just called him a cultist. You showed him. How will he ever survive the burn? Y’all are stupid.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek They’re not attacking innocent children. They’re attacking terrorists who hide behind women and children. They’re cowards. They think they can fire their weapons at Israel from schools and hospitals and Israel won’t fire back. And if they do, idiots like anti-Israel American progressives will pipe up and try to shame them.
      Newsflash: Israel don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks. They’re going to squash the threat.

    4. they weren’t attacked, they were given an hour to get out of a building. The journalists are alive and well and sneering at israel to their heart’s content. in the meantime Israel has shown the US the intelligence info on the Hamas quarters in that building which has been used in the past to make attacks.

    1. @Faisa Ahmed Im gonna be wrong one of these times, but i hate this part.The part where you call on your spirit,to make it stop.

    2. @Stewart Taylor 73 yrs not change n it won’t be anytime soon … To make real change is go be war 3 that be end world

    3. @Faisa Ahmed I was a 12 year old ,that put old people in their place,their religion was a name,my religion was an inside thorn in my side,i tried to get out of duties that couldn’t be proven that i had.But only now do i know,i had.

    1. Do I have to tell you how this works? Okay…

      MSNBC (Fox News, CNN, OAN, et al) are all biased, because they are pandering to the audience bias for views (aka $$$). Always consume the “news” with a healthy dose of critical thinking.

    1. I think you mean keep up the controlled opposition Velshi, appear to push back but not too much and don’t show the images of all the dead children who were in those buildings the Israelis just bombed to rubble.

  2. They were doing a peace deal with Jared that Jared compared to a Real Estate deal. Whatever this is from Isreal is something to do with their deal with Jared.

    1. “We weep for the birds cry, but not for the fishes blood, blessed are those with a voice” – Motoko Kusanagi

    1. what notifying reporters an hour in advance of the demolition of a building? What reporters get any notice at all during wars? Israel has shown the USA their intelligence on the Hamas quarters there.

    1. if Trump was in office there would be no attack. He let Iran know he would hit them hard when he went after their great general of terror. Biden lifts sanctions and is sucking up to Iran for a deal. The Iranians can smell his weakness, they know he will not hit at them for inciting their proxy Hamas to attack isreal, but just mumble lip service and make lame gestures. . AT the same time Biden is also undermining Saudi Arabia, Iran’s enemy, because the Obama view of the middle east is under Iranian power.

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