Issues with Chicken Back Import Permits - December 9 2020 1

Issues with Chicken Back Import Permits – December 9 2020


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  1. Stop importing chicken. Put the lazy men and women to work. Let them raise chicken and stop spending mony on spoil food.

  2. So why does government needs more time to look into what.
    We don’t need to import chicken back, foot and neck.
    As a matter of fact we don’t need to import chicken.
    Build farms and put us to work..

  3. No wonder I always hear Jamaicans say chicken bad doesn’t taste like the back of the chicken. Maybe they’re selling another animal labeled as chicken back.n

  4. A minimum living wage is needed for the country….. The only chicken back people must eat is when its a whole chicken….. Mix parts fi d people

  5. It’s time the government stop importing salves food..
    As the white man said, the salves get trash to eat and they come so good at cooking it..
    Stop importing salves food..
    We can do much much better..

  6. Why doesn’t the government invest in our ability yo produce these things as supposed to spend so much on imports

  7. Are u kidding jamaica … Wham to our fowl dem … Unuh nuh care bout poor people caz unnuh nah eat chicken back ….

  8. Too many persons raring chicken in Jamaica for other countries to be dumping chick back on us. It doesn’t taste the same, what if it’s another bird importing

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