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  1. No wonder the teachers them is in total disarray, because that lady who is the president of the teachers union. She cannot answer a good question ❓, the moderator asked her a few questions and. She couldn’t give her a definitive answer at all, she is just going around like a yo-yo 🪀. She is lacking of proper understanding about how to answer questions, she was asked about how many teachers didn’t got paid as yet and. She couldn’t give a number, saying is it about 40 or 100. So I am wondering how the hell you are going to a meeting, and not fully prepared to answer certain simple questions ❓ at all. It was very much surprising to hear how the teacher answering the question ❓ them like a two years old child,I was so embarrassed. Lady you haveto do better than that, you should have yourself properly prepared. To answer the questions ❓ them, much better. I know that you have some cyber bullies out there, they does not like to hear the truth at all. Lady you did a very poor job answering the questions ❓ them,I would haveto give you an F. Because you have failed very miserable, because you couldn’t give a definitive answers at all,ok.

  2. I would love to hear about the ECC teachers who government have nothing to do with them. What they give as pay is a shame.

    1. Pnp you never have a problem when pnp freeze wage for years. They’ve gotten a bigger increase than over the last few years.

  3. Pnp campaigning. This jta president took forever to sign the agreement and expect everything to be smooth sailing.

  4. Teaches payroll need to move onto computers. Regular the ministry lose teaches documents and cause them not to get pay for some benefits.

  5. I’ve also heard from a good insider how teachers have left Jamaica deh a foreign a work and still a collect a salary in Jamaica fi years

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