1. And just like the rest of the world, they would die without food; or perhaps they would have died of a lightning strike, same mortality rate as the wuflu.

    2. @Social Distance Warrior statistically, even in the worst occurrences; it’s only as bad as a bad flu. Even with the bloated numbers.

      Because I didn’t need the government to tell me how afraid I should be of the flu, I’m not going to do so for this one either. I’m also not a fear mongering authoritarian though, so there’s that.

    3. JMAC LIVES – you are completely wrong about its death rate compared to the flu. You nay want to check your sources.

    4. @Social Distance Warrior how about you provide some current sources? Sounds like you need to do some homework to back your assertions.

  1. They can spread it to their families and maybe there will be less of them in Brampton. Five of them were shot as well, what a great party; I hope they keep it up.

  2. All they had to do is say it’s BLM circle and absolutely nothing would happen. I don’t see police dispersing vandals from parks

  3. They should have invited the PM and taken a knee, then it would be just fine. Random rules, hypocrisy, $100,000 fines all totally ridiculous!

  4. I can’t stop saying “Dr Sumon Charkrabarti” it’s so melodic, and just rolls off the tongue !

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