‘It Didn’t Have To Happen This Way’: Congressman Blames Texas Governor For Coronavirus Surge | MSNBC

'It Didn't Have To Happen This Way': Congressman Blames Texas Governor For Coronavirus Surge | MSNBC 1


  1. Governor of Texas has to go. Please help me vote him out by keeping his faults in the public eye till 2022

    1. @The Tweatles <---Did you guys know its possible to get paid from home by posting anti american rhetoric for nazi affiliated groups? Just ask this guy and he'll hook you up.

    2. Its Lucky you won’t have to vote out the governor of Texas who gets a virus and he’ll be one of the unfortunates who didn’t believe in science and reality

    3. @The Tweatles just think about the amount of people that have been killed by bad cops prior to the age of the smart phones

  2. The reopening should be renamed “the second mistake”.
    The first being of course, Republicans welcoming trump with open wallets and greedy hearts.

    1. @Southside lol so trumps CDC is lying?… The death rate climbs as cases climb troll and if Americans dont take this seriously there will be over 200k dead by the end of august… theres a reason American is the only first world country that has lost complete control of the virus and ignoring the explosion in hospitalizations just proves you understand zero of what you speak…

    2. SouthSide Chicago hey my friend Greg Jones said I could paid for post some stuff? How do I go about it?

    3. SouthSide Chicago on a serious note…. the problem with people like you is “if I get it…”

      It’s not about getting it, it’s about spreading it. It’s not about how a young healthy adult could be affected by it, it’s about passing on to someone who could die from it.

      One thing I hate about the trump era… everyone seems to think everything is up for debate… this isn’t, science won. States that opened early like Texas and Florida are paying the price

    4. Don’t forget the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump and the millions of others who elected Trumps offsiders like Pence and McConnell.
      And don’t forget the Democrats who failed the working class of America.

  3. This is what happens when you unquestioning follow Trump, instead of listening to the doctors and epidemiologists

    1. @William H Music 2020 hey i remember you from a while back
      Bill how are you buddy?
      Dem kids still locked in your basement?!🤨

    2. @M A If there are no good sides I would chose Biden if only because he’s gentleman like looking person who when he speaks some wisdom of his years can be heard. If I listen to Trump, in 1 min I have to shot down the video because what he says many time can be of the same caliber like google translate from Chinase language and 4 more years? No thank you sir.

    3. Elizabeth notthe queen
      Keep being a pawn for the Ruling Class.
      “People not only don’t know what’s happening to them, they don’t even know that they don’t know.”
      -Noam Chomsky

    4. Tersi Biden is horrible, but I don’t believe he will start a nuclear war with Iran: Trump, who is owned by Likud party of lsraeI, will take us to war with Iran within a month after being elected. As much as I cannot stand Biden…this is THE reason people need to vote for Biden

    5. @William H Music 2020 <---Did you guys know its possible to get paid from home by posting anti american rhetoric for nazi affiliated groups? Just ask this guy and he'll hook you up.

    1. Ken Price that explains Trump making his sheep sign a waiver before attending his failed Gestapo rally.

      Wait…no it doesnt.

    2. RFI-Crypto Lab bruh stfu. Your conspiracy bull crap isn’t fooling anyone. Your tinfoil hat is showing.

    1. @Arunava Ghatak Tell me what he did for the economy that was improving under Obama and he inherited. He would not have had any time to do anything constructive between his rallies, his non-stop twittering, his abusing of everyone not prepared to lick his boots and playing golf. How simple minded can people be to believe this crap you believe in.

    2. @Elizabeth notthe queen Yes I can spell I just cant text. However you don’t have anything intelligent to say and aren’t worth my time. When liberals have nothing to say you usually attack spelling or start calling names. You did both.

  4. Maybe this is how we get rid of the idiots living in the South? The smart ones will stay in and stay healthy.

    1. truerealityscott … again, I will say not all southerners are trump supporters. The civil war you are talking about may generate from every state, as Trump supporters are from every state. They are not just isolated in the South.

    2. @William H Music 2020 I’m just laughing at all the Trump supporters going into ICU 😂🇺🇸

    3. William H Music 2020 who are the real Americans, all those idiots that were crowded on the beaches and broad walks, or the racist jackasses that were protesting with assault rifles because they were asked to wear mask to protect themselves?

  5. Look at the world data. Look at USA data. No politics just numbers. America, have you gone stupid?

    1. @Leo Politics is an ILLUSION used to DIVIDE and CONQUER the one true enemy that the government fears. THE PEOPLE.
      political parties are a thing to “believe in” because there are none … except for in the public eye/lie.

    2. @youareonthetube1 Ok yes there is some Truth in that.
      But how does that help us ??
      At all ???
      We are faced with 2 parties THE GOP have become a Libertarian Toilet Party who Literally Hate democracy ( they openly admit & say it )
      The Democratic party moving more & more progresive & it’s key platform issues are ,
      Finally Fixing our health insurance system ,
      A Fair Tax system that rewards working class people.
      Polution Regulation & banking industry Regulation that protects & empowers all Americans .
      Sensible Gun regulation
      Etc , etc etc…
      THE GOP does not even bother with an Agenda Anymore.
      Just spooky conspiracy poo poo to scare illinformed people to vote against themselves.
      BTW confusious , All historical Democracies are based upon a PARTY SYSTEM.
      So explain how your deep fortune cookie logic will help us in 2020 ?

    3. @youareonthetube1 So is Religion btw .
      Or Religion is Politics ( if you prefer)
      But again , We are down to Hard Reality here.
      Vote Biden !
      Vote Blue !
      Before it’s too late !!!

  6. It’s sad that people don’t realize that if we all just do what it takes to starve the virus now, the sooner we can all get back to normal.

    1. Jim Battersbee – Y’all did a great job. Jacinda seems like a decent leader.

      America is completely lost right now. We can’t even agree that a pandemic is happening. There’s so much misinformation floating around, and many people can’t make heads or tails of it. Trump and GOP are to blame, because they trained their followers to distrust science, education, government, established media, etc.

    2. @Perry
      Thanks. You seem rational. Tell me, how’s De Voss doing with education in the US because that’s where it starts, or so it seems to me. Only average education combined with a corrupt political system (both parties) doesn’t give much room for hope.

    3. @s
      Not in America, sounds to much like socialism. it requires “co-operation, goodwill, a team effort, integrity and a sense of community”, Americans will never go for it.
      The bodies will just keep piling up.

  7. The Republican Govenors in Texas, Arizona & Florida who opened up for business early and even took a victory lap look like complete idiots now. Listening to the trump sh!tshow is indeed very contagious.

    1. Yes and include certifiably crazy lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, he thinks its ok to sacrifice grandma’s life in turn to have improved the economy?, did it Dan?

    2. Include Alabama in that out of control Covid 19 list..
      No matter how quiet they are being about it, republicans have failed Alabama.

    1. @Mueller Time You’re China’s #1 customer. You’re conveniently biased. Have u gone to church yet. No mask? No social distancing? Thh Thh Thh Thump that bible.

    2. @Preston Tucker everything you just posted proves you are just another inbred cultist just like all other Democrats. Now preach to me. Preach!!!

    3. @Preston Tucker he knew because Hillary kept a unsecured server in her house. The bleach bit it, smashed hard drives, claimed password was password, blamed Russia and then burned her house down. Pretty damning. Lol

      But you will vote for her again because you would have to be smoking Hunter Biden’s crack pipe to think Joe McFish fingers is the nominee

  8. When they hit ICU, maybe then, they will believe in science.. How can people be so dam stupid to play Russian roulette with their lives?? SMDH.

    1. Because people are see the death rate is only 3%, mostly old people! It’s inconvenient for most people & that’s very sad

    2. @Enduro Clutch N Shift Those people don’t understand that the death rate may be low but it’s due to the large population of the US. We can’t let the absolute numbers of deaths get out of hand. Many are predicting we will reach 200,000 by November.

  9. Bars and Night Clubs should have been the very LAST on the list of businesses to reopen, in EVERY State! Same goes for Tattoo Parlors and public swimming pools, hair salons and yes…churches! Stupid!, stupid!, stupid!

    1. I agree about bars, night clubs and tattoo parlor but my local church has stayed open throughout the crisis. The door was open for individual prayer ( no sermons/masses though), food and clothes to those who were in need and 30 minutes of musical requests on Saturday night over their loudspeakers. Now, that we’re slowly reopening- outdoor sermons/masses only. It can be done, but with prudence

    2. Exactly 💯 per true, NEw Zealand went right into lock down ASAP. Boarders all closed in and out. It was hard but we made it. NZ has a excellent President and her briefings daily was fantastic and truthful.

    3. @rezelltheblack crytpolab or whatever his/her name is a *”troll’,* only here to instigate and run a muck

  10. trump’s first speech as president spoke of American carnage. It is the one thing he delivered.

  11. CRIMINAL charges should be brought on TRUMPS administration for failing to help those states ,instead they do nothing but watch Americans die .

    1. He passed it onto the states to try and avoid any direct criticisms about his policies he makes to deal with the pandemic. He abdicated his duties to the country.

  12. the trump flu killing his supporters….the irony……for the religious its what you get when you worship a golden ox.

  13. America is the 4 year old child, you tell, “DON’T TOUCH THE STOVE!!!”

    *5 minutes after 😭😭😭

    1. close. we’re a 4 year old child …that turns 4 again every 4 years for a new presidential term, rather than actually growing up.

  14. The five states that are going through this right now are all southern states. Wow
    These governors and the president think this virus is a joke.

  15. The sheer ignorance and incompetence of the republicans have led the US to this disaster

    1. Upper 90 maybe if you cry harder about but but Democrats Puppets numbers will stop tanking and Fox prime time star and rabid Trump fan Tucker Carlson will take back what he said about Trump losing?


    2. @Eli Dicken you live live in lala land. Democrats always acting like they’ve already won the election 😂. 2016 never happened in your imagination right😁😂😂😂

    3. @Eli Dicken oh did I upset you with informing you with actual events . Pigeon boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. @Flavius Stilicho hear hear the problem I have us I live in New Hampshire I look forward to warm weather. And November is coming so enough with winter. But I will vote blue 💙 Al the way down the line no matter

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