‘It Feels Like I Am Going Home’: Biden On Parade Walk To White House | MSNBC 1

‘It Feels Like I Am Going Home’: Biden On Parade Walk To White House | MSNBC


Joe Biden tells NBC News' Mike Memoli he feels like he is "going home" as he heads towards the White House for the first time as president. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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‘It Feels Like I Am Going Home’: Biden On Parade Walk To White House | MSNBC


  1. There can be no healing or even a pretense of unity until Trump faces justice for at least some of his felonies!

    1. Yes..there can..trump is accountable to the almighty and his justice is carried out after one a actions..galations 6:7 is in full effect 24/7

  2. Enough of the flowery rhetoric all I want to know is when Trump will face justice for at least some of his felonies?

    1. @Gary Griffin Hey Gary , today was my sad they , Because you stole my vote. the day will be come you are going to cry. when Biden , Harris , Nancy pelosi and other traitor arrest. By the way have you over heard nancy pelosi in custody of U.S. Marshalls.

    1. So true! What a relief. I feel like I know too much about how government was supposed to have worked and how much it went off the rails with trmp in charge. Details I have never needed to know before. All of us watching the same slow train wreck. Enough!

  3. When he gets Home, bet the house staff is going to great him with cheers. The White House itself is taking a sigh of relief. Did you hear it?

  4. Memoli is a newshound but asking President Biden to comment about the ex-president was tacky. No need to stink up a glorious day with the mention of his name. Let him rot in Florida till the crocs come home.

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