'It is not even close': See Burnett's response after Trump criticized German Covid-19 deaths 1

‘It is not even close’: See Burnett’s response after Trump criticized German Covid-19 deaths


President Donald Trump criticized Germany's handling of Covid-19 after the nation had a record number of deaths. However, the US had four times as many Covid-19 deaths per 100,000 residents.

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    1. They should deport her and her family to Slovenia. If not, she can be in the cell block next to Ivanka. They can both toss salads.

    2. @Huh? – Let’s not forget…..she chose him. She probably didn’t envision him being half billion in debt, but she knew what she was getting. Donnie has been the same horrible waste of human DNA his entire life.

    3. @Huh?
      A better life in Slovenia? They took her statue down because someone set the statue on in her home town!
      “A wooden sculpture of U.S. first lady Melania Trump, unveiled near her hometown in Slovenia just one year ago, was removed after it was set on fire on the night of July Fourth, as Americans celebrated Independence Day, said the artist who commissioned the sculpture.”

    1. @Tom Griffin He lost, Tom. It is time to get over it. Now let’s work together to get everybody back healthy.

    2. @Justin Schmidt thank you, yes. Self accountability. Just because trump is a total idiot and reactionary… doing what his base wants does not let us (Americans… all of us) off the hook. Don’t blame Trump. We are

  1. Send the COVID-19 deniers to a full ICU, without PPE, and then see what they have to say. If it’s “fabricated” there’s no risk, right?

    1. Yes theres risk but, every single time u leave the front door ur at RISK of robbery, shot, car accident u name it. Doesn’t mean im not going outside anymore.u wanna stay home then go ahead. Dont expect me to follow ur fears

    2. @Ricky Hammond if covid doesnt kill u “DEATH” will. Sorry for ur loss mate. But i can imagine he’s in a better place than where we’re at now.

    3. @Pete I notice Crowbar115 is too dumb to reply to any of of the follow up comments pointing out his selective cherry picking comments

  2. I can’t comprehend some people’s mentality , Doctors and nurses might as well walk off and let the pandemic continue until those deniers become ill.

    1. @10 47 You may be young and fit, but you are also selfish and immature; qualities that will get OTHER people sick or killed once you foolishly spread it to them.

    1. @Junkyb Oh, that is sad. Dolt 45 is as bad as a televangelist when it comes to bilking his base. My fiance is on his e-mail list only to watch what they’re up to and mock the constant pleas for $$. I wish I could offer advice, but there’s no quick fix for that kind of problem. You have my sympathy and my hope that she’s not enough of a believer to ignore health precautions in this perilous time.

    2. @Mad Max A lot of Republicans were elected to Congress that same day. Do you think their results should be overturned because of “suspected” fraud that judges find ludicrous?

  3. Don has literally become the laughingstock of America and the whole entire world, He needs to have several seats and perhaps leave a little early for his own mental health sake, Happy harbor day Don the con !

  4. “I’ll wear a mask if trump told me to? I’ll get tested if Newsmax said I should?”
    How bout think for yourself and follow the rules

    1. @B J she is saying think for yourself. Don’t be a sheep, you don’t get that? You follow blindly as a fool?

    2. @Aulita Williams the once trusted only not trusted after Trump.
      Including the FBI, CIA, doctors, election, and anyone who doesn’t agree with Trump.
      Why do you think that is ?
      How many people do you no longer have trust in that you did before Trump?

    1. @B J No you haven’t, not until you reach herd immunity by vaccination, a program that has not even started in America yet.

  5. So fed up with so many going off about their rights and freedoms and not ONCE have any of them talked about their RESPONSIBILITIES


    2. @Rated Awesome3113 When aliens attack us I’m just going shove anyone I see right in front of me to take the plasma blast ’cause that’s how much of a badass we are not caring for other people, amiright?

  6. Watching those idiotic protesters shouting “We will not comply” from Victoria Australia. We complied with restrictions and now have ZERO COVID cases for over a month. When will these people learn that if you compromise a little you can beat this thing and get life back to normal???

    1. In my state of South Australia we have a total deaths of 4 people from the virus.
      Although we haven’t had any cases for a week following an outbreak from Australians returning home, my wife works on a ward and it’s mandatory to wear a mask even if she has to go anywhere outside the hospital including shopping and everyone has to register before entering any business with a QR code scanner.

    2. This protesting was in Idaho….these are Americans….deniers. If you don’t want to wear a mask, fine, but you could have medical help withheld some day for helping spread the virus, you think you’ve lost rights because of a mask….think about the rights you will lose if you don’t comply…..because it won’t be as simple as a mask. Shame on those people that are ok with killing others by their ignorance. God help you all.

    3. @ross. Rainwater reset? What are they trying to reset? To what end…..why is EVERY government world wide supposedly doing this. What are names of the idiots that are spewing this reset crap? If they are just on the internet, why would you believe them…..ANYONE can pose as a “professional” scientist or medical doctor….and you just believe them? Seriously? Talk about sheep!

  7. He should be removed from office now! He has clearly unable or unwilling to deal with this national crisis.

    1. Donald Trump…

      – Inherited a plan to contain a pandemic, but chose not to use it because it was commissioned by the Obama Administration.

      – Neglected to refill medical stockpiles for 3 years.

      – Mistakenly predicted that, “like a miracle,” COVID would go away.

      – Repeatedly falsely claimed we were “rounding the corner” on COVID.

      -Tried to sell the public snake oil cures and touted an endorsement by a “doctor” who said COVID was a result of “demon sperm”.

      – Left states to fend for themselves, forcing them into a bidding war against each other.

      – Pushed hydroxychloroquin as a cure despite virtually all experts saying it had not been proven, even as a treatment. When one of his claims was rebuked by a scientist, responded, “I don’t think science knows.”

      – Echoed the demands of domestic terrorists who planned to kidnap and hold a mock trial for the Governor of Michigan because of her COVID restrictions.

      – Re-routed CDC data through the White House, where it was censored and re-worded.

      – Removed the WHO’s pandemic team from China months before it hit the US.

      – Shamelessly politicized the disease, calling it a Democrat hoax.

      – Repeatedly flouted local safety restrictions, and those of the CDC and the COVID task force.

      – Consistently blamed China for failing to contain COVID, but failed to contain it in the US, and failed to keep his family and White House staff from contracting it.

      – Filled the COVID task force with people with more expertise in PR than medicine.

      – Tried to take millions of Americans’ health care away during the worst pandemic in over a hundred years.

      – Made multiple false claims about how it would all just go away by certain dates, and was wrong every time.

      – Held many large rallies and celebrations with little to no social distancing, instead of setting a good example. He removed social distance stickers from seats at at least one rally.

      – Repeatedly suggested that we should slow down testing so the numbers would decrease and make him look better.

      – Spread false propaganda about COVID being no worse than the flu after telling Bob Woodward that it was a vicious disease, and that “If you’re the wrong person, you don’t stand a chance.”

      – Claimed that 99% of cases were “totally harmless”.

      – Discouraged his supporters from listening to the medical experts.

      – Repeatedly discouraged mask-wearing and ridiculed those who wore them.

      – Constantly lied about the US fatality rate.

      – Repeatedly lied about testing rates and how the US compared to other countries.

      – Baselessly blamed Mexico for COVID spikes in the US.

      – Threatened to defund public education to try and force children to go back to school before the full impact of the disease was known.

      – Baselessly accused hospital staff in New York of selling Personal Protective Equipment “out the back door”.

      – Handled the pandemic so poorly that it crippled the economy and put 9 million people out of work, into a housing crisis, creating massive food insecurity.

      – Claimed that COVID-19 was being overblown because of the US general election despite it being a world pandemic.

      – Lied about Google engineers building a website to help Americans determine whether they need testing for COVID-19 and to direct them to their nearest testing site.

      – Claimed to have saved 2.2 million lives by restricting travel from China, but allowed nearly 40,000 people to enter the US from China. 2.2 million was the projected death toll if we did nothing at all.

      – Claimed this was something nobody thought could happen, when experts both inside and outside of the federal government sounded the alarm many times in the past decade about the potential for a severe global pandemic.

      – Wondered aloud if injecting bleach or somehow shining UV light inside of the body could cure COVID.

    2. @Storm Z. OMG Have you lost your mind? This god damned mess is ALL about Trump’s repeated DESPICABLE behavior. That unqualified, narcissistic, lying toddler has cost this country dearly. And people who listen to him spout PROVEN lie after lie are culpable right along with him.

    3. @C NN is a Super PAC for the Democrats First off, never assume that people are democrats for disliking Trump. Secondly, don’t tell people to shut up, we have a right to speak out. Thirdly, why are you supporting a corrupt President?

    1. @Chief people don’t die from looking at someone without a shirt on but many could die if you spread the virus.

  8. Is like standing on a hill on the outskirts of Rome and watching the city burn while Nero plays golf.

    1. @C NN is a Super PAC for the Democrats first off the president is not king of the world, he can’t decree the vaccine goes to America first, second that executive order is pretty much horse paddies. The only way it makes sense is that the government appropriates it from these companies and that obviously will start an international incident which, knowing Trump, is his style. At best its a vain showing to the masses, at worst it is going to start a conflict.

    2. @C NN is a Super PAC for the Democrats LOL, and it is a meaningless order, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died already and Trump is doing NOTHING about and another 2-300,000 MORE will die before the vaccines take effect. Oh, and Trump failed to order enough doses – hint to idiot Trump: the US is 330 million, not 50 million. Idiot!

  9. In Florida still every man for himself, our Governor is doing absolutely nothing. Over 9,000 cases a day and nothing

  10. I disagree with Dr. Fauci on one thing: It’s not “almost denial.” It’s absolutely denial in it’s most delusional and destructive form.

  11. “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when m e n are afraid of the light.”
    – Plato

  12. My (husband’s) aunt’s funeral was Monday. She bravely battled this “fabricated” disease… but sadly lost the battle.
    Just. Wear. A. Mask.

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