'It just doesn't add up': Tory COVID-19 mandate exemptions in question 1

‘It just doesn’t add up’: Tory COVID-19 mandate exemptions in question


Government House Leader Mark Holland discusses the questionable status of some Conservative MPs as the 44th Parliament begins.

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  1. So they get exemptions and the public is not allowed to have an exemption… this is so wrong in so many ways.

    1. There’s no evidence of that at this point. This is all speculation by the lib house leader at this point. He says as much. It’s still all political. In fact, if all mp’s have submitted their info and all will be in attendance then the most likely situation is simply that they’ve all been vaxed precisely because exemptions are so rare.

    2. @Christian Delesie my mother who is a nurse, and has a history of clots and heart problems, could not get an exemption. It’s a total joke.

  2. who cares, get to work !! we have real issues to deal with in Canada at the moment. we haven’t had a government in place for months. Get to work.

    1. That’s why only doctors actively practicing in hospitals should be able to sign exemptions

  3. So no representation for those who are apposed to these measures. Likely many of these MP’s have natural immunity. So who is protecting whom and how much is this just gaslighting?

  4. let’s NOT forget, Ghislain Maxwell is IN COURT as this farce goes on. Repeat: Ghislain Maxwell is in front of a judge.

  5. What members of parliament have medical exemption wow there are full of it. No regular person get that yes bogus

    1. @Dave Knight not sure what you’re smoking but the reality of things is that the vaxxed are 1.8 times more likely to catch covid and this has been admitted by even “dr” Tam. Vax passports and mandates make no sense when the vax that they claimed 6 months ago prevented transmission actually makes transmission that much more likely.
      Sorry if facts don’t fit with your reality of things though. But science doesn’t care about your fefes

    1. Your or anyone else’s opinion doesn’t make science less real. Vaccines work, they did with polio, small pox, and measles until recently….with an increase in unvaccinated folks… I wonder what the connection could be??

  6. So we have a person appointed by the Liberals deciding if your MP can represent you in parliament, nice. If I can walk into Walmart with a mask on, why can’t my MP walk into parliament buildings?

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