It may be time to relax indoor face mask mandates, Fauci says

It may be time to relax indoor face mask mandates, Fauci says 1


  1. Putting on a mask for 3 seconds before I sat down in a bar or restaurant this past year protected me from Covid. Did my part

    1. On behalf off all of humanity I thank you for your tireless dedication and selfless sacrifice in protecting your fellow man.

  2. I’m going to drive around by myself and wear a mask. My other 3 personalities might get the flu. Lol.

    1. @Glenn McEnroe forget the big bad variants lmao. There’s a lot more significant issues then some variant of a virus lol

    2. what the point of getting the vaccine and they still make u wear that stupid mask… thats just like saying im going to work today but not getting paid for it…


  3. I swear to god he told us to wear double masks. How can you go from double masks to no mask in a short span. What world am i Living in??!??

    1. @The Ride Never endsoh, my… the irony is that you’re mental faculties are the equivalent to a box of rocks .. Covaids is collosal health care fraud & the masks medical malpractice forced upon us period ..MSN fear mongering snake oil salesmen get paid to advertise the big pharma scam..who pays them? the same goons who orchestrated the mess to begin with .drug companies in cahoots with other multi national corporations not only bought the news but even the American peoles government lol then they launder our tax money to themselves & bribe idiots to go along with it , look no further than the hospitals getting payed for covid deaths …just like we got duped into fighting & paying for other countries wars we now pay for Covaids ..military industrial complex or medical industrial complex just different tools for the goons at the top of the pyramid .

    2. @Werenotgoingtotakeit Highest paid in DC I know that much. But the Best? ….. We’re screwed!

    3. I feel like Galileo lol madness .you masker morons are no different than witch burners or those whod lockdown an old man for believing the earth revolves around the sun ..listen to the psuedo science & quack experts ..didn’t Pfizer get sued for bribing physicians bwahah now they bought airtime on the news and brought forth their quack experts to guide the public because they want to save the world bwahah

  4. I no longer believe anything anymore I knew something was weird and didn’t add up last March 2020

  5. In a school district near Buffalo, NY the wrestlers can wrestle but they have to wear a mask for the duration of their breaks between periods…….I guess covid knows when to stay away

    1. in a school district in idaho, we havent had masks for months, and that includes sport activities.

      So far, it’s actually been fine, and I don’t think I’ve gotten covid, nor any of my friends. If we have, it hasn’t impacted anyone negatively, and there have been literally 0 covid-related deaths in the city this year

    2. Yup I wrestle in High school but they don’t have you shake your opponent’s hand anymore not joking

    3. @Incognito Noneya and you are right. This is for the next test that is coming and everybody who comply with this. They will be easily pursued for the other agenda.

    1. @it’s me Don’t think they are all all Trump supporters. Tulsi Gabbard independent here and I am not a fan of Fauci (no issue with the masks, however). You may want to watch if you have a chance: The Hill rising with Sagaar Enjeti. One of today’s podcasts is: “new details reveal Fauci, Media cover up of lab leak hypothesis” Interesting in the least and perhaps worth a look at. Cheers.

    2. @A. Stout Glad to hear someone with a little more open mind that is searching for the truth (whatever it turns out to be).

  6. If you want to tell a big lie, all you have to do is repeat it over and over and over until it sinks in. George W. Bush 2012

    1. That’s a great point sir. Iraq/Afghanistan are really similar to this situation…… The people in power saw how to gain more power, and of course they took it… faaaaawwkkk…..

  7. How did you expect to encourage more people to get vaccinated when you continued to ask those who were fully vaccinated to still mask up

    1. That is only one problem. The other is the constant talk about vaccine passports (which if fully implemented would mean 24 / 7 digital tracking) and not in the spirit of our constitution.

    1. Or it’s because people are getting vaccinated or have already been exposed to Covid so we can start being normal…

    2. @AJtheAggravated then why are many winding up in the hospitals, being told to follow all restrictions, and wear two masks? Hahah fking pyschopaths.

  8. I was in Zebulon once…my buddy Kirk and I got hammered in a bar and pantsed Spock…turns out all the Zebulon chicks were really into him after that. There was a bunch of ear rubbing and then I blacked out. Good times.

  9. “The good offer goodness from the secret of their heart. The perverse offer perversity from the secret of their heart. That which is expressed is what overflows from the heart.” – Some Guy

  10. I dont know if anyone watched or remembers a South Park episode where Stan tries to return a blender, and is lead down a rabbit hole to find out that people in high executive positions don’t know what the hell their doing and just roll the dice for every desicision..

    Has nothing to do with this video, I just like that episode.

  11. You should watch today’s “Rising” edition on The Hill. Saagar outlines Fauci’s involvement with the Wuhan lab where this all started. Seems Fauci is not a god after all.

    1. That Jesuit and his Pope sure think they are. “The Vicar of Christ” chyea.
      With the idols and k… the reformers of the Reformation. Their hatred of freedom of conscience, the Constitution, the Bible.
      Yeah So Christ like.

  12. 1720: Black Death Pandemic and decline of Feudalism
    1820: Cholera Pandemic
    1920: Spanish Flu Pandemic and Great Depression
    2020: Coronavirus Pandemic and another Great Depression

    “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    George Santayana

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