1. They tased him, handcuffed Robert Greene, and Officer Hollingsworth beat him over the head with his flashlight?!
    That would tick anyone off, honestly.

    1. What ticks me off is people feeling sorry for someone who wanted to end themselves decided the best way to do it was to risk other peoples lives.

  2. Poor guy, and poor family. This is utterly f**king disgraceful. These murderers should be sentenced to the electric chair without wasting a penny of taxpayer money on incarcerating them. Justice needs to be served.

    1. I would argue that criminals should be badly treated because they are that criminals and have committed a crime, society is too soft on them and crime is rampant which has negative impacts upon our cities

    2. @Paul Davies I bet you whine about the insurrectionists sitting in jail and how badly they’ve been treated.

    3. @Your Master. No not at all I don’t care in the slightest about them they know or should know the law, stupid thing to do storm the Capitol building without the military backing you so a pretty pointless affair if you don’t achieve your objective

    4. You messed that up coming straight out the gate. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Who you kidding. Act like you know.

  3. Law enforcers in this country is just too much in every way no one has to die like this it’s inexcusable

  4. How could a police officer think that smashing a man over the head with a metal object wouldn’t result in grave injuries or death is just ridiculous

    1. Because the good old boys club still exist, the difference today are the body cams and cameras…can’t imagine what has happened before cameras..

  5. He’s afraid for his life over a man he is beating to death? Someone make that make sense! This man is on the ground getting tased and beat with a flashlight but the cop is scared?? There will be no justice at all! They can take a life and no consequences is why it will never stop!!

    1. @Shlep Messing Oh boy. Now I find out the rest of the story – the big part they neglected to mention. This wasn’t “cop pulls over random driver for routine speeding ticket, sees he’s black, decides to arbitrarily murder him”. This was someone committing felony fleeing/evasion of police? That explains why the cops were so aggressive when they finally got to him! A rather HUGE factor to omit in this 10 minute video!!

      Reminds me of all the other stories like this where the belligerent punched cops and even stole their weapon and fired it back at them before finally and rightfully being shot to death, but people cried racism and burned down restaurants anyways.

  6. I’m trying to understand why video and audio is still coming out?! This is so disgusting! Ron’s death will NEVER be overlooked!!! My love to all of you–Mona, Woodie, Pep and Miranda! Stay strong!!!! I love you all!!!🖤

  7. How the hell can this be left without serious consequences!!!! These so-called policemen committing murder and NOTHING!!! 👿👿👿👿👿

  8. This type of situation will (obviously) CONTINUE TO HAPPEN unless there are some repercussions. The ‘authorities’ have been able to get away with it for so long that it’s unknown what it will take to begin to slow it down.

  9. Try to explain to the rest of the world why all officers involved haven’t been tossed into prison on charges of murder.

  10. “I’d like to see the video again.” Says serial killers and arsonists. Vicariously returning to the scene of the crime.

  11. Let us cry out for justice for this man, his life was taken by force, and we will not stand for this!

    1. Be quite your give away your secret. O your not trying to hide. By any chance. Would you wait right here till I get my Holy water. I just blessed a fresh batch..

  12. You are not allowed to beat someone over the head with anything as a cop. They train you not to do that.

    1. @jason fuchs the army is trained completely different from law enforcement. Your DOD rules of engagement are completely different.

  13. This is not policing, this is disgusting! This cop now says “he was in fear for his life”… BULLSHIT!!!

    1. Umm ok, you go up to felon that is violent. Dudes literally put life on line every shift, regardless of family. Not like this cop wanted to be there.

    2. @jason fuchs he signed up for this and also collects a paychecks. This is not a voluntary job clown.

    1. always the same story- a thug with an arrest record -2 the thug does sometging wrong.3 the thug fights the police.

  14. If it wasn’t for the body cam we would’ve never known and this man would’ve gotten away with murder!

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