1. If America could see what America is doing, America would send the troops to America to save America from America.

    1. Send them to the border. Recall our troops from all the wars around the world. Come home to protect America. Criminals need to fear law & order.

  2. I like the way we got to hear her family history. That’s the important part of witnessing an event.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis I have looked him up, shoulda been let go long ago, he panicked, not uncommon, can happen to anyone, Even if you have been trained well, he wasn’t in control of his faculties, he panicked, I’ve witnessed it in real time.

    2. @Gary Waggoner again you are WRONG. rofl, right like you would do any different when people are trying to break the door down and one crawling through a broken window, I would have fired the shot as well.
      He was very much in control of his faculties, he did NOT panic and it did get them idots to stop breaking the door down. He did what he was suppose do, PROTECT THE CAPITOL and the people who worked there.

  3. I sincerely hope this is only the beginning for those that are accountable, feeling uncomfortable ! Everyone of these bastards that had a hand in the violence or planning best be held to the highest degree of the laws of our land !!

    1. Allen, do Waldo believe that the politicians should also be held accountable? btw; Currently this IS a lawless land, are you comfortable with that?

    2. these criminals storming the Capitol need to be sent jail and all of their despicable deplorable GOP helpers. Officer Dunn Thank you

    3. I just got one question about to answer this after you go pump your gas and do your shopping and your sitting down paying your gas and light bill…. Do you miss Trump yet LMAO

  4. Don’t need to change any minds on this side of the aisle. This is absolutely useless, unless actions are taken to correct.

  5. To the police and all their families who were there at the Capitol that day, please know that there are many Americans who see the courage and the sacrifice that you have endured at the hands of thugs. Thank you for your service. And we stand with you so that this may never happen again.

    1. These officers were the same as the Texas police who stood by and watched.

      Men don’t cry

    2. Do these guys not realize that the job is, oh I do not know….DANGEROUS?! Give me a break. The police in Uvalde were in the hallway right outside the classroom sh$&&ing their pants .
      In a later interview a police officer was stated as saying “ It is our duty to get home alive.” WTH. No, the job you signed up for was protect and serve. Now we have the capital police crying bc they realize the job they accepted is dangerous. Over it. This is why my husband have guns.🤷🏿‍♂️👍🏿

  6. I was emotional and I wasn’t even there. ..That looked like complete terror in a setting where people are supposed to be safe. I can’t imagine going back to work after that.

    1. Christina, would hate to have you as a back-up in any challenging situation. Some folks are simply ill equipped. But we/I would never judge you, you are, what you are, welcome to the human race.

    1. They let the rioters in. Like those cowards in Texas that didn’t go into the school and save the children.

  7. It’s not mind’s that have to change but hearts. I get emotional eventide I see footage from that day. We need new hearts 💕 hearts of flesh and not of stone. Despite everything we ARE one people. I pray for each and every person affected by this National Tragedy 🙏 ❤.

  8. the amount of trolls, and the way they are cascading comments today with so much craziness is proof 100% of how effective and important the hearing was last night. you go trolls. you tell us all we need to know. amazing.

  9. There’s no doubt in my mind that if classroom history books cover anything about this insurrection, GOP will at least attempt to ban those history books for classrooms and public libraries

    1. Liz Cheney’s words “The Dishonor Will Remain” will hopefully be the epitaph of the gop.
      I guarantee every republican in the room felt a chill in their bones while they simultaneously shat a brick sideways when she pronounced them.

    2. @Sar-RaH the ones in that room know exactly what i’m talking about.
      their base, however is clueless.

  10. Officer Edwards, your label, not only for your bravery on the day of January 6, 2021, but especially for your bravery on the evening of June 9, 2022, is hero. You and so many others, and also, thank you video evidence. We await your return to uniform.

  11. God will take care of you and your family. May God bless all of you brave men and women who was fighting for the rights of the American people. trump will not get away with this.

  12. I’m just waiting to see which members of Congress are implicated in this and what actions will be taken for them. They’re waist deep in all this mess.

  13. To these Officers Thank you for your Service and Bravery. To those Officers who lost their lives may they rest in peace. You are the real heroes ❤

    1. @Marie Lucas You Ain’t going to be the 1st or the Last Person tell me that. Either. So I surely won’t lose sleep either. Glad I didn’t vote in the Election but glad Trump Lost so it Wony Bother me not 1 Dam Bit .Have Nice Day Marie. And God Bless

  14. My heart goes to him and his fellow officers from a USAF vet. We served to protect the constitution and the American people. Trump dishonored us all. Worst of all is all the Republicans who still support him and his lies!

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