1. Ronald Greene, now Roland Greene?
    What tree did they say he crashed into and how did the tree tase him

    1. Wasn’t injustice he should’ve listened to the police, he’s such a fool. Oh and it wasn’t planned that’s dumb man, the propaganda here is so real.

  2. All police need cams that are not controlled by them because they are dishonest and cant be trusted.

    1. @J Yep…. And what about Everton Garfield Brown over in Baltimore?? Oh they couldn’t figure out a way to spin that story, so they just totally ignored it.. LOL What a joke.. It’s just like the “white supremacists are attacking Asians” narrative…. Once people saw 99% of the footage, they knew that they’d have to tell the truth for once, so they just stopped talking about it….(and they’re still happening)

    2. They have nothing so they go to the next best thing trolling others with there hate and destruction.

  3. I hope Ronald Greene’s family got an independent medical examination because they can say he had drugs in his system he didn’t have. The so-called police officer lied about everything else.🤔

  4. The whole police department is caught covering up this murder for 2 years… So where are the proverbial good cops?

    1. Ronald Greene deserved it If you watch the video. If you listen to the media they’re just gonna keep on lying to you bro.

    1. We all knew he was drunk and impaired and that was wrong. The way they treated that man was brutal. For any human to look at what they did to him and feel it’s okay. I don’t know what to say about it

    2. @EBT ETC bump that. The dude took them on a high speed chase driving into incoming traffic. HE COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEONE. I have no sympathy for anyone who puts others lives in danger. What if he would have killed a family????

  5. man died bc he hit a tree at 100mph. cops did everything right. glad he hit a tree and not another person

  6. 🙁 We are very sorry for your loss, Mrs. Hardin. Please take some solace in knowing your son is no longer in pain & is in heaven.
    -The Ofori-Atta Family

    1. Did you watch the video? The real question is why did the police lie and say that he was in an accident if what they did was justified

  7. I feel incredibly sad for his mother, but if you’ve watched the entire video and know that he ran at 115 mph and never complied with the officers, you realize that this “murder” charge is a tired false narrative. Get pulled over and stop like everyone else does and this doesn’t happen

  8. Jesus loves and cares about you so much So whatever problem you have Jesus has the solution,What’s there to lose by trying right?

    Like so more people can see this

    Word of the day

    Proverbs 10 : 19

    Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut

  9. Ronald green deserved everything that he got 💯 ! Those cops are heroes that saved many lives that day.

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