It was Canada’s worst mass shooting, so why won’t there be a public inquiry in Nova Scotia?


  1. Who knows maybe he has some buddies that are cops he did have 4 squad cars and a uniform so he obviously admired their culture.

  2. This is just another sjw and feminist ploy to make this a political matter and a way to hide the faults of authorities .

  3. So much for independent review. All staunch Liberals. And they have a year to write a report that’s already written. The outcome is so obvious.

  4. Because the truth would be revealed . This country is now a police state . Speak against the police
    , and you disappear. This is absolutely a cover up .

  5. What about the massive cash payment suspected to come from the RCMP. What about the firehall?

  6. In Canada the RCMP covers up every crime to prevent the public from ever knowing the truth about anything. This not a “free and open society” as a Democracy should be. Open your eyes Canadians, we live in a “controlled” country, run by a bunch of dictatorial oppressors.

  7. It was a syop, the killer is sipping pina colada ‘s in the Caribbean, the RCMP gave him $500.000 remember!!!

  8. Shocking. Largest mass shooting in Canada ever. The powers that be are choosing to do a public inquiry and those involved will not have to speak under oath! Oh yah, there’s some hiding of facts gonna go on here.

  9. “We reviewed ourselves and find ourselves vindicated in this mass shooting”. This what you get with police and politicians reviewing themselves, even with formerly employed cops, judges and politicians.

  10. Total cover up. Google the Macleans article headline: The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation
    Police sources say the killer’s withdrawal of $475,000 was highly irregular, and how an RCMP ‘agent’ would get money

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