'It Was Like An Earthquake That Never Stopped': Two Years Since The Mississippi ICE Raids 1

‘It Was Like An Earthquake That Never Stopped’: Two Years Since The Mississippi ICE Raids

Republican governors are blaming immigrants for the surge in covid-19 cases in their states rather than their lack of mandates. This comes as August 7th marks two years since ICE officials arrested nearly 700 workers in food processing plants across six Mississippi cities. Journalist and Founder of Futuro Media, Maria Hinojosa, joins American Voices with Alicia Menendez from Canton, MS reporting on the lasting effects of those raids and reflects on how undocumented migrants keep the country running as essential workers. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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'It Was Like An Earthquake That Never Stopped': Two Years Since The Mississippi ICE Raids


  1. I would encourage those people that feel their jobs are been taken to go out to the farms and get thr job

    1. Illegal immigration hurts the lower end of the income. Any legal citizens.. black, white, or Latinos are who is hurt by illegal immigration.

    2. @Nale Hale can u please explain how so I can be on the same page because what I know is ilegals can’t get food stamps or unemployment but still pay taxes

    3. @kbo6612 I think immigration should expand on permits like ur saying I think it only some countries but not sure

    4. @kbo6612
      Because there are not enough of them. And businesses don’t WANT there to be. Because people here legally have rights, and cannot be so easily exploited for profit.

  2. I am so tired of people bothering black people and Mexicans/Hispanics! I know there are a lot of us out here that think it is WRONG!!

    1. African Americans and Hispanic people are the largest groups not getting vaccinated.They predominantly vote Democrat.It’s a Democrat problem.

  3. Why don’t the government set up a vaccination center outside the parking lots of the meat packing industries? That’s a win win situation for everyone.

  4. Why don’t you try interviewing the Border agents and get their opinion on it how about the sheriff’s of these cities no we don’t want to do that do we

  5. More than essential…these brave and honorable men and women are HEROES! God bless and protect them. Give them strength.

    1. Either go pick fruits and vegetables by hand, work in a chicken packaging plant, clean public toilets in the park, and work roofing homes in 100 degree weather, or quit complaing about these people being here.

  6. Republicans invent that rule:
    ” Is human make mistakes,
    but, blaming it to somebody
    else, is more human’
    And the last resource, ” why
    did you believe?”

  7. I hate it when being an American makes me embarrassed because of unethical, immoral behavior by our leaders, our dictators.

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