1. This is very dangerous! I hope all be safe! I think she and family’s bless by God..Amen.. poor other don’t make it!

    1. I have ZERO sympathy for HER .
      She was told to leave MONTHS ago. She, and other Americans refused, decided to wait until the last few military planes were leaving before bothering. SHE took a seat from a refugee with a visa. She should be ashamed of herself.

    2. Canada’s minister for women and gender equality referred to the Taliban as “our brothers” during a virtual news conference Wednesday morning.

    3. Thoughts and prayers .. yeah .. that’s the only thing Americans can get right seems. They suck at policy

    4. @vertigo20001 they’ve changed the definition of many things. If you can’t win an argument, just change the words meaning. That doesn’t mean we have to play the Marxist games. Thoughts and prayers means the same thing it always has unless you’re a godless heathen

    1. Sounds extremely similar to banghazi……. No one is ever left behind but these democrats can’t seem to grasp this concept. Sickening to say the very least.

    2. @John Dodge As far as I know no us airline is operating in afghanistan, the Civilian Reserve was called to help but expected to fly into neighboring countries. That’s as far as I know.

    3. @Shadow 133 exactly right, why were Americans still in Afghanistan? Trump made the deal with the taliban months ago, why in the hell was anyone still there? VERY STUPID PEOPLE. If people end up not getting out it’s their fault, now you live there forever.

  2. She has a very kind & soothing voice, beautiful as well. So happy for you to make it home.

    so scary.
    Welcome home

    1. @Awais Younas You’re only projecting your own psyche on to her because that’s what you would do. You yourself are what you’re describing her to be. She was talking about the the conditions she saw people in at the airport that made her feel their pain. Any normal human being would understand that instead of doubting her tears. Go and have a good look at your inner self.

    2. @Zerdak Mithyalvi So, Her Crocodile tear effect on you also.
      Only airport condition is bad.. all other land situation is good in Afghanistan. But media showing only Airport.
      She weeping because she knew what she and his family do with his homeland. only for US citizenship.

    3. She took a seat from a refugee.
      She REFUSED to leave when she was asked, months ago. State Department even offered to pay for her (and other Americans) flights.

    1. @Your Grace “your grace”, I’m assuming you’re Christian. People like you put Christianity down. I hope God puts you in the Afghan peoples situation.

  3. My goodness this is so sad! You can her the anguish and pain in her voice! I hope it works out for her and her Mother. There is no way the Americans will get all these people out! I think when you see this the memory cannot go away!,

    1. @Antony 24 Biden is the world’s chief financier of terrorism. He’s also (supposedly) the President of the United States. he should be IMMEDIATELY ripped from power, and put in prison for funding/supporting terrorism, and abusing American equipment and funds to do so. EVERY DEMOCRAT THAT HELPED PUT HIM THERE SHOULD SUFFER THE SAME FATE!!! Our country might regain some sanity and some credibility in the world, if that happened.

    2. @Antony 24 He wants to take guns away from law abiding American citizens, but he just armed a terrorist organization with US tax dollars money..
      Biden is so upside down..

    3. @Chanelle D You cant make this stuff up, I never want to hear him talk about the second amendment anymore. This is why we have it

  4. I’m waiting for when the Taliban trys to sell a blackhawk helicopter on Ebay, or a gun left behind by Afghan soldier, ad: will read never been shot and only dropped once.

  5. Stop the Denial
    The overwhelming rescue operations to evacuate the thousands of Americans and eligible Afghans, is due in-part to the former President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s quick act to surrender and exist [abandoned] Afghanistan. No matter how you spin-it, Ghani simply saved himself above all others, this sent a terror shock-wave of panic throughout the land, and he left the doors wide open to the presidential palace where the Taliban and al Qaeda now preside.

    It is time to support our President in these matters and to collect ourselves, set new priorities and move forward from lessons learned.

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