Italy votes for Giorgia Meloni, first far-right government since WWII | USA TODAY


  1. She sounds fantastic. So nice to see Italy elect a good common sense politician who puts Italy first, rejects liberal nonsense, protects borders…. Kudos Italy.

    1. @clonegaming66 WRONG!
      Giorgia Meloni is a Christian Nationalist who puts God First then family then country ๐Ÿ™. God is pretty clear on the sins of the perversions of the LGBTQ community read Romans 1:26-27.

    1. Even classical liberals and libertarians are considered “far-right” by today’s woke leftist standards, lol.

  2. Mussolini was only right wing if politics is a circle and the left and right both start looking like each other the farther you go.

  3. Woman, Christian, mom, dad, female male, heterosexual……Oh love these metaphysical words, Ahh, objective truth, like a breath of fresh air

    1. @gay dog [lgbtqia rights!!] study metaphysics. I think you need to take medicine. you might want to look in the philosophy section first under Aquinas.

    2. @Dana Begley im not in college yet and the college courses im doing are more practical. give me a break

  4. It’s terrifying how every major news publication pushed out this narrative of her being “Far-Right” at the same time.

  5. Media to English Translation
    Far-right: People who believe in protecting borders, cultures, and families. AKA: Decent human beings

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