Italy wins Euro 2020, beats England in penalty shootout 1

Italy wins Euro 2020, beats England in penalty shootout

Toronto residents celebrate Euro Cup final between England and Italy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. according to this fan italy wins every time- uhm sure lets go with that so they won last year too-uhm, let me think, no they did not

    1. Euro 2012 Italy lost in the final to Spain 4-0! Biggest ever defeat in a euro final. Short memories. Also, last time I checked, it is an English sport too which has arguably the best soccer league in the world. Just saying.

    2. @Walk in Rio , lol, I am not a fan of the game but I knew they did not win last time I am not sure the game origins but it belongs to the world, therefore, he was full of bologna as usual

    3. @Tiziano The quality of the games is much better than most. Italian league has improved and become more exciting the last two years.

    1. @Capitalist Pig hockey is not garbage. It’s as exciting as any other sports. Just be happy for Italians and share their joy. I am a fan of maple leaf team and France soccer. Just share the happiness specially after months of sad news and pandemic. Italy was hit with the virus really hard year when we didn’t know much about virus. They deserve a bit excitement, we all do, I

  2. England loosing on penaltes. This isn’t news this is just what happens. whenever it goes to penalties ENGLAND ALWAYS LOSES.

  3. England was so LUCKY to get that stage of Tournament ,they had a lots of easy go with east European Teams and they had 1-1 with Scotland ,,any way if Raheem Sterling didn’t Dive like that they would be knocked out by Denmark ..they would never beat Spain or France or even Switzerland if they were against any of those teams ,Italy really deserved to win the CUP .

    1. Actually it was 0-0 England vs Scotland. And there are no “easy” games as you put it. All teams are professional players. It is hard to win this thing. But I agree with you that Italy deserved it.


  5. Bread and circus for the masses
    centuries and millennials cannot evolve the human who doesn’t want to evolve

  6. the state of emergency powers MUST BE REPEALED. the province has clearly demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be repealed so we can end this once and for all.

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