1. “They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.” -Gerald Massey

  2. Imagine what it’s like to be told you can’t travel, even for work, in your own country.
    How many years will it take for all the small businesses that were forced closed before the protests were even a thought ? Why are the MPs not voting on the emergency act ASAP? The parliament was running until it was time to debate and vote on the emergency act…

    1. They did debate it 2 days ago and are again today.
      The law is clear they have 7 days to vote on it from its enacting.

    2. Imagine being told that you can’t get a surgery because somebody is so concerned about their “rights” that they’re clogging up the hospitals

    3. Imagine being told you can’t leave your house to get groceries because someone doesn’t want to wear masks anymore and occupied your city.

  3. You know what someone should make a video that compares the blm rioters from 2 years ago and the Canadian convoy and see which one was more peaceful and which was violating laws.

    1. These guys would lose 100 to 1. BLM barely affected Canada… a few broken windows and random looting perhaps. In my city I counted all of three windows.

  4. Why couldn’t the lady in the wheelchair get her groceries? The streets were cleaner and safer than they have been in years?

    1. Exactly. If she didn’t have food she could have just gotten fed every day by the protestors just like the truckers did.

  5. What happened over the past two years, and still ongoing, is going to be felt even longer. The destruction these mandates have caused is incalculable

    1. Mandates have saved lives and prevented spread, mitigating effects on our health care system.
      Some of our gov. have made decisions not based on facts and that has caused many to look at gov. as the enemy.

    2. @Alexander Reddecopp well I know that over 1300 children have died from covid, and no they had no underlying health condition. Adults well that’s another story

    3. How about the destruction wrought upon the families of the 36,000 dead from the virus? The widows & widowers? The orphans?

    4. @Gary Dare I’m not sure what you mean by that to reply.
      I’ve admitted that “Mandates have saved lives and prevented spread, mitigating effects on our health care system.”
      Are you suggesting our system didn’t prevent the deaths you mentioned?

  6. The citizens of Ottawa apparently are very selective about what kind of protest to be “shaken” and require years of recovery. At a BLM or indigenous protest they wouldn’t peep.

  7. Yah, yah, yah….let’s not forget, this could have ended as soon it started. Thank Trudeau for prolonging this PEACEFUL protest, and now thank him for turning to VIOLENCE. That will be MY memory and MY story FOREVER.

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