1. To defeat Russia at this point, Ukraine would only need Poland to assist but that would likely mean NATO would be involved so Russia would have to choose between instant defeat or nuclear weapons (and instant defeat for humanity). Russia has a corrupt army that will require massive restructuring after this conflict if Putin ever wants to be taken seriously again as a threat to NATO.

  1. In the “fire/counter fire” contest the advantage seems to be with the MLRS system right now. They launch with low elevation (hard for counter battery radar to track) and then they move a lot. In the video it is stated the need was an MLRS counter. Good luck with that.

    1. Stop deceiving yourself with useless US weapons! Send such and you will see the respond of Russia to such offensive hardware.

  2. it’s being sympathetic with the older folks, understanding completely why they are the ones who linger or refuse to leave their homes in spite of the overwhelming threat they’re facing everyday. It is what makes war so cruel.

    1. @Cody Teague You know nothing about Putin or Hitler if you think aggression makes them similar.
      Funny, I remember you Americans saying Assad was Hitler. Qaddafi before that. Saddam before him. Really anyone your military industrial complex could make a buck out of deposing.
      If imperialist ambitions are what evoke Hitler comparisons, you’re living in the 4th reich.
      The arrogance and hypocrisy of Westerners wagging their finger at imperialism… don’t make me laugh.

    2. They never said thise words when the west were killing the Iraqi, Libyans, Syrians, palestinians.

  3. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1953

    1. @David Smith Biden soft spot is between his ears lol and Biden isn’t running anything 🙃 .. I doubt he could organize a weekly meal plan for the Whitehouse.. 🙄

  4. I watch Denis Davydov every day because he has a military vision, maps etc. I’ve felt for a while the Ukrainians should pull back out of those two cities, otherwise encirclement is possible. Also the Russians can come from many sides and chew up Ukrainian resources.

    1. I am sorry to tell you but that Denis guy is really biased, obviously. You being fooled to think Ukriane is winning because his analyse is naturally skewed

  5. CNN…..Please remove or severely reduce the size of your banner.
    It is most distracting and unnecessary to show it throughout the report.

    I don’t want or need to be distracted from the ongoing report.
    Remember that the most important thing to show is the over all image.
    A full screen image is the way to go without clutter.

    Give it a go CNN.

  6. Breaks my heart to see this. Fear we will only help when its to late. I see great opposition to giving aid and believe aid is going to get even slower and less from local talk.

    1. ​@Simone Beauvoir all Europeans helped Hitler u say? I feel like some French, Polish, English, Belgium & former Soviet ppl would disagree…

  7. So we can’t read the Kremlin regarding Putin’s health, but we can read Putin’s mind on what he didn’t say but wanted. Ok.

  8. Weakness invite more brutality. The western allies and the us president, it seemed to me have failed to realize this. And they are going to have more severe uh consequences and catastrophes.

  9. Ukraine simply needs to send some guarantees that they will not strike into Russian territory with US werapons. Secure the guarantees and enforce them within Ukraine and I think Ukraine can get the long range weapons.

  10. Russia took revenge measures seriously for their lossess in Kiev and their loss of Moskva.

    1. US is chicken scares Russia so much.
      That reminds me of US fled Ukraine upon learning Russia’s Special Military Op on Ukraine starts on Feb 24.

  11. Unlike Shock and Awe 😂…we all know why (some) people are outraged by the brutality in Ukraine but were fine with Iraq…..

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