1. @Mohamed Trevino Whats up with you and the foul language?? She didn’t say anything that required that horrid response from you!! Grow up and use your REAL nae – if you dare.

    2. Juliet, the post you are responding to is a kind of autimated thing, a bot — it just hijacks random youtube names and spews that stuff randomly.m

    1. @Aravind 1980 I didn’t see a gun in that poor woman’s hand, nor the hundreds of children that have been killed or hospital patients, need I go on.

    2. @Barbara Hesford but so called volunteers from west and western army wearing civil dress 😂 joined this war 👍
      And they took shelter in civilians areas so what you want Russia to aske each one and do the special operation 😂

      I have seen in western media,
      All most for 30 days civilians got time to move from that places 👍.
      But our great Ukrainian president asked civilians to fight 😂
      Can’t understand for the first 45 days wher he and his army was hiding 😂( i think they are planning in safe zone 🤣)

      So we can’t blame completely Russia army to this 👍

      Even west and america
      Invaded or did special operations all over the world 👍
      Can you guarantee they never killed inocent civilians 🙏🇮🇳

    3. @BigBoogookie , жители Донбасса голосовали выйти из состава Украины и войти в состав России. Откройте глаза,

  1. And so…after a decade of negotiations and begging Putin to leave Ukraine alone, he attacks anyway. My God, the cruelty.

  2. The elderly especially should break anyone’s heart,leaving all that they know ,and their memories,but you can’t stop a man with hatred in his heart.

  3. My heart gets broken again and again when I see so much suffering and destruction that man can do to other humans and neighbors. God help and less all those suffering in the world and specially in Ukrainian.

  4. How many of you who says “love and prayers” actually has helped in any way? I have donated food and money but many just speak how heartbroken they are

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