1. 👮‍♂️ : Stop talking you bunch of surfs.
    Its a national security threat.
    Only terrorist do such.

  2. ” The people will not revolt, they won’t look up from thier screens long enough to notice. ”

    1. @Peter Stafford Yes and know. Sure it’s how social media functions that is the problem, but the fact that everyone I know complains about it, knows it’s toxic, and openly says society is worse because of it, yet none of them will stop using it. So they can’t look away.

  3. Social media turns people into idiots. I deal with the fallout daily. it isn’t just politics. It’s everything.

    1. Well when you cant even let your son watch youtube videos without an ad for drag queens popping up during a childrens video id say it is a pretty big problem!

  4. no surprise at all. Social media lets people create their own echo chambers where they think everyone agrees with them.

    The Social Media companies like twitter and facebook, simply are giving us what we want. We are the ones choosing to block one opinion or follow another.

    Its up to us as individuals to be able to be open minded as to listen to disagreeing opinions, not theirs.

  5. We have to re-learn how to keep our minds open enough such that if better information comes one’s way, we allow ourselves to change our minds on a subject. There is SO LITTLE of this happening, that I can say I don’t really ever see it. I DO practice this myself. I don’t know why this is such a difficult thing for people to do.
    Please, prove me wrong !!

    1. @Leif Otto Ah, but “objective evidence” is in itself an opinion based on physical material dependent programming that is completely irrelevant and simply does not apply to specific facts of reality.
      Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence, and physical material dependence is retardive incarceration.

    2. @Henry Hudson evidence always falls on a “credibility scale” that reflects a probability of being accurate. If 20 people testify under oath that a given event happened, there is always *some* non-zero probably that they all coordinated their stories and made it up together. The question is always, “how likely is it they *all* lied, when no one is coming forward to contradict them under oath?” But, what’s happened is that a substantial portion of our population believes without question what propagandists tell them, and rejects evidence that is far more likely to be accurate. Many people are more willing to believe that JFK and/or his son will run for office with Trump, despite 2 of the 3 being dead, than will believe that Trump lied about the election being stolen, despite Bannon stating it outright, and Republican after Republican who worked in Trump’s inner circle testifying that Trump knew he lost, but that he lied anyway. So, you’re right: “objectivity” IS a continuum. But, people are accepting low reliability evidence and rejecting high reliability evidence, despite the irrationality of doing so.

  6. Social media IS NOT undermining democracy. Its the people in society who feel OTHER people different from them dont deserved the same freedoms, privileges, and democracy they enjoy. Social media just puts it all on display for everyone to see.

    1. “From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matthew 4:17

      “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Matthew 5:38-39

  7. 2:55 Why can’t we “do something about cable”?
    How is it that we can “do something about the internet”, but not cable?

    4:10 So… social media is good for businesses such as news outlets… but not private citizens?

  8. Great commentary. It’s so great to hear your analyses. ‘Never attack people’ on social media! amen to that.

    1. I agree with the interviewee 100%, but some people do say some really horrible and stupid things that are dangerous and they do need to be checked. For example, highly racist, ignorant statements. If you don’t check that, it grows into a White Nationalist movement. Or highly misogynistic statements, which then become the Proud Boys and their oath to Chauvinism, which they must take. Not all speech IS tolerable.

  9. It seems to me that Truth in Advertising law could easily be extended to cover deceptive claims in politics. Already, it’s illegal to profit in business by deliberately lying to buyers. Why is it somehow legal to profit politically AND financially by deliberately lying to voters?

    1. @Leif Otto my comments aren’t even showing up sport. It just proves the democrat/ social media/ Intel agency cabal. Use a different browser while signed out. You won’t see our Convo kiddo.

  10. I was in public education for over 25 years. When students started bringing personal devices to school, I saw the writing on the wall. My assessment then (2010) was that most humans aren’t psychologically and emotionally equipped to manage this technology. I saw how it gripped some students in a way that was actually disturbing. These students were changed by the devices they were holding in their hands. It was in some ways worse than addictive drugs. I tried sounding the alarm back then, and no one listened to me. What I saw actually contributed to me leaving education earlier than I had planned.

    1. As an older gamer, would you agree that these “PlayStation babies” are acting out in real life what they’ve been playing/practicing on GTA, COD, etc?

  11. I totally agree about 15 months ago I disconnected from twitter, facebook, instagram, and tiktok. I don’t regret one moment of it. I did sign up for twitter again actually only a few days ago but now I put timers on myself and I try to stick to why I wanted it, book updates, people who have influence updates, and news updates.

  12. Yep. I had a straw that broke the camel’s back in Dec. 2019, and I deleted my Facebook account. I will admit, my brain wanted to look at it for about 6 months after (addicted), but after about 6 months, I felt better. The last straw was someone who was an acquaintance in the real world, calling me a liar and trying to shame me, when I added a post about an experience my husband and I had which was traumatic, in my own town. She called me a liar about MY OWN HISTORY and the number of years I had been in the town I was living. I could prove the year I was living there and she wasn’t even around to have the knowledge of my life. The hubris, the disgusting attempt for her to try to control my history—I had just had enough. I have never had instagram, tiktok, snapchat or any of the others. The closest I have to social media at this time is LinkedIn and here on Youtube. I can survive.

  13. News shows get a significant amount of the blame as well. I was very young when my parents watched Walter Cronkite, but I remember it. He presented both sides of an issue. He didn’t start with a position and then a parade of “experts” who agreed with him. Cronkite was a journalist before becoming a tv news anchor. He honed his skills in an environment where his job depended on getting the facts right. He once said that he knew he was doing his job correctly when: “I got in trouble from both sides of the aisle…whether liberals or conservatives.” He was trusted. The news networks and social media companies could emphasize and reward presenting both sides; they choose not to. They could allow news and opinion consumers to prioritize facts over overtly partisan fluff-based content. They make more money from the engagement and clicks off partisan fluff, so here we are.

  14. “The most hated man on the internet” is the logical perverse conclusion of unbridled social media. Politicians are using it in the same way — to bully their opposition and suppress dissent in the constituencies. Horrific (but excellent article)

  15. Yeah…he speaks sense……it’s a big game where we are all enticed into the Colosseum to fight….whilst others observe and tease.

  16. What I have a problem with is all the conspiracy theories, and misinformation. Confirmation bias is the weakest link in our evolution. Maybe at one point, it was useful, but not anymore.

  17. We have now reached the point where social media has more of a negative effect on society than positive IMO.

  18. As a nurse, over 20 years, I’ve watched smart phones and social media destroy intellectuality. Both patients and fellow nurses are more concerned over their phones than their health care.

  19. The second the press allowed themselves to be lumped in as “media”, we lost the country. Has nothing to do with social media.

  20. As a retired teacher, I was just talking today with another teacher and we agreed that student social skills have collapsed. Partly due to the foolish covid shutdowns and masking, but mainly due to cell phones and social media.
    This will effect an entire generation. Zuck knew this but buried it.

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