'It's An Important Beginning': Four Migrant Families To Be Reunited This Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘It’s An Important Beginning’: Four Migrant Families To Be Reunited This Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Joe Biden on Monday formally raised the nation's cap on refugee admissions to 62,500 this year. Also, the Biden administration will reunite four migrant families separated during the Trump administration this week. U.S. Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas discusses.

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'It's An Important Beginning': Four Migrant Families To Be Reunited This Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. November 9th article from migrant advocacy Lawyers raised the number of missing familes from 545 to 666.

    1. @Noreb its how many that are currently held in the internment camps… or cages as u like to call them

    2. @bryanatwku Border crossing ‘encounters’ includes illegal immigrants, being apprehended by BP and sent back to wherever they came from. They have always been illegal and still are. Biden didn’t change that.
      tRump only created an obstruction which caused refugees to accumulate in refugee camps along the Mexican side of the brder.
      Biden is taking care of this business in a humane way. 80% of the refugee children have been moved out of the BP centers and are being processed properly.

    3. @The Hermit, my point was the border crossing encounters has increased by 500% since this time last year. What is “included”, is the same as last year, yes? So it stands to reason the rush to the border after Biden was elected has to do with Biden’s rhetoric and policies.

      Keeping illegals on the Mexican side of the border to wait for court dates is a good thing. You know what happens when you allow them to wait in the US population for a court date? They never show up! And the centers don’t have the capacity for them to wait there.

      Children are treated terribly under Biden because of the huge increases is resulting in centers being over crowded. Biden doesn’t want you to see inside these centers but GOP Senators did get inside and take video that you can see. They are crammed in cages and nearly stacked on top of each other.

    4. @bryanatwku “Keeping illegals on the Mexican side of the border to wait for court dates is a good thing.”
      That’s what you think, because you are ignoring their primitive living conditions while living in those border camps.That tRumpian ignorance is inhumane and unconscionable.
      “And the centers don’t have the capacity for them to wait there.”
      Old news. New centers have been buit by FEMA, sports centers have been modified, and the refugee children are moving out of BP holding facilities and into living centers, within 30 hours, for screening and processing into the system, humanely.
      Your final points are no longer an accurate description of current conditions.
      Replay the first few minutes of this briefing and actually listen.

    5. @The Hermit, how do you know the current conditions? The media nor the public is allowed inside.

      There are about 2 billion poor people in the world. How many are you going to support? I already send 25% of my income overseas to foreign children. How about you?

  2. They should let people know where to apply to foster children until they find the family. I don’t speak any Spanish but I would still foster a child.

    1. Pro tip: you can watch movies at Flixzone. I’ve been using them for watching all kinds of movies recently.

    2. There’s no way the fostering system could handle this influx. Have you seen the recent numbers? Maybe if you started giving the kids to pedophiles, but we don’t have enough vetted foster homes for the American kids.

  3. BS. Truth is helping people that have broken immigration laws. Uphold American Laws. Shameless. Mayoral . Send them back to their parents. . Its a loophole to break the law. Hat is the plan? Tell the American people the. plan.that continues to break the law. It’s packing the country! Tell the truth.

  4. Brandon Mitchell lied on his questionnaire about never attending any BLM rallies. Here comes the mis trial or appeal evidence for a Chauvin.

    1. I would think Maxine Waters was enough to get a mistrial in a fair system. She is a elected official who literally threatened a jury if they didn’t produce the verdict she wanted. But this isn’t a fair system.

    2. @Toneisha Johnson, oh now all the sudden you’re interested in free speech? Free speech doesn’t protect threats, but I didn’t say Maxine Waters should be prosecuted. I said she attempted to influence the jury with her threat and that should result in another jury in a fair system.

      Imagine if Trump threatened a jury while he was an elected official. You’d lose your mind.

  5. Answer to prayer. Still praying for the rest. Damage has been done emotionally. Need to put most intense efforts into reuniting families and work with their countries to make them safer.

  6. We need to see it every time a family gets reunited. This is visual proof that Biden cares & rump didn’t .

    1. Have you seen the centers Biden is putting them in? They are overcrowded and inhumane. The system can’t handle Biden’s influx of crossings. We are at 5 times the rate of Trump.

  7. These records wasn’t lost, they were destroyed. Trump like everything else made it as difficult as possible for anyone else to repair has horrible, unkind behavior.

  8. Illegal immigrants need to back right now and get in line. Try sneaking into Disney world, see what happens.

  9. It would be unrealistic to expect that Biden would step into office and all the immigration problems would just magically go away. It takes time to fix the years of cruel and inhumane policies and immigration mismanagement under the previous administration, and the task is a difficult one. Homeland Security head Mayorkas inspires trust with his commitment to right past wrongs and his willingness to come before the media and tell the American people the truth, ugly as it is.

  10. A dominant species is not threatened by extinction, however the natural world is.

  11. Clinical medical trials, developmental technology testing, laboratory research and “new math” of several years ago can be called a “pilot progrm”. But to call physically ripping young children away from their parents and discarding their parents to the other side of his (i.e. Dump, not a typo) “impenetrable wall” like they were unwanted trash should NOT be considered a “pilot program”!

  12. that’s nice, but if you don’t focus on getting the GOP out of official seats, these issues will only be reinstated.

  13. Them being split apart should have never happened …Try telling them about how they were treated. They don’t care. I hope the families find each other…

  14. I hope that all of those children are found. And that nothing has happened to them.
    If anything has happened to these children Trump should be held accountable for each of those children.


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