It’s Fitting That Trump, Who Tore Down Our Norms, Will Leave Office Doing Exactly That | Deadline 1

It’s Fitting That Trump, Who Tore Down Our Norms, Will Leave Office Doing Exactly That | Deadline


Presidential historian Jon Meacham speaks of Trump’s efforts to hold on to the presidency as Joe Biden looks like he is on the brink of victory. Aired on 11/06/2020.
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It’s Fitting That Trump, Who Tore Down Our Norms, Will Leave Office Doing Exactly That | Deadline


    1. no you are going to need get get 2 or 3 jobs do to the taxes now on less you live buy all of us foodstamp plan 8 .He doesn’t need to worry his a billionaire

    1. Right on brothers and sisters!!!Now is gunna be Our Time. The winds of change I hope will be a blizzard. President! Joe Biden, Vice President I am Woman Kamala Harris, and if we are truly courageous ourselves, We the People must get back to the first order of business: Covid. Let the darkness go under reported: those bones are no longer worth picking. Why waste any further news cycles?

    2. @Colleen Reilly : the media unfortunately profits on fear & division. It’ll keep promoting it somehow & someway. The msm are arms of the state—they like Americans divided

    1. John Lewis is looking down from heaven with a big smile on his face. Thank you Georgia, thank you Stacey Abrams. God bless you all.

    2. The spirit of John Lewis definitely stepped in at the right time and did some work to help Stacey Abrams and other political activists flip Georgia blue. Now he can safely return to the heavens and rest in peace.

    1. Orange is his skin color of choice. Im not sure he could sustain a long walk with this hands on his head though. Send him to the marshes of Georgia. A few shackles and 105F degree weather. The first real work he’s ever done.

    1. Trump is done now it’s over and every one suffered with the coronavirus pandemic and I lost some family with coronavirus

    2. @Redwood Path Sadly, America is an oligarchy at best. One billionaire moves out, and another moves in. Good luck with changing that.

    3. @Maria Ortiz my condolences to you, on the loss, of your love ones. May Father God, wrap a fence of comfort, peace & love around your family & you.

    1. They should build a FAKE White House in Florida and put the Trump brand on it-That should get him to leave!

    2. @Jonathan Kovacs The franchises around the White House will go out of business when Trump leaves or is forcibly removed

    1. @Mark Harris there hundreds of miles of wall already. some place are impassable so we don’t need a wall. he was impeached for what clinton and biden did. russian collusion was their plan. they colluded.

    2. @Lee Abraham when they are told to chant(stop the count) they do. When they are told to chant (count every vote) they do.
      Trump supporters need to be told what to do and what to think.
      Pretty much sums it up.

    3. @LyleHouk55 they didn’t remember the Holocaust, and Trump repeated the playbook. Make Germany Great Again

    4. @bo reddude The Obama admin. created all positives on the economy,as the grahs show. The ONLY good position with Trump is his position on illegal imagration.

  1. He is the most embarrassing president in the history of presidents. He can never keep it classy. Always the criminally insane way or nothing.
    Prayers for Biden2020 to bring it home!

    1. @pfenix7 if youre stupid enough to believe trump saying (which he didnt) that kids can’t get covid youre just dumb, and kids are far less likely to die to covid 19 which is true and that goes for any and all viruses, thats biology for you. Younger kids have stronger immune systems, and nothing im saying is a lie

    2. Trump my prayers for you and your family you are going to Win because that’s whats going to happen in the name of jesus christ.

  2. Trump embodies and amplifies what is ugly in America –
    – ignorance, indecency, dishonesty, bigotry, and cruelty –
    – that will be his “legacy”.

    1. @Heather Davis heather with respect I disagree, but I also understand how powerful the media is, my heart and vote will always be for the working middle class, our nations backbone but We’ll have accept the loss ,

    2. Trump and his grifter family …. safe, protected by a wall of secret service and enjoying the good life at Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere…
      Meanwhile, trump incites his own followers to violence on his behalf and couldn’t care less if any of them get hurt, arrested, or killed.
      Think there might be a serious disconnect among trump’s fanatical followers?

    3. @Jordan Dwiggins Maybe at one time they leaned right. The only ones that lean right is Hannity, Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine, Watters, Laura Ingram. The rest are questionable. Juan, Chris Wallace, and Donna Brazile definitely are on the left.

    4. @E C You confuse being on the left for being against things that will hurt the Republican Party in the long run. Most Republican officials are fully aware that Trump’s accusations without evidence are baseless and the kind of action dictators employ. They want their party to be treated with respect, and Trump is making their party look like idiots. Having a backbone and admitting when someone from your party is betraying the integrity of said party doesn’t make you a liberal, it just makes you a sensible conservative who is sick of defending someone who lies as much as Trump does and throws his own networks under the bus at every opportunity. You reap what you sow, and Trump has been giving other Republicans reason to be sick of him for a while now.

    5. @Jordan Dwiggins The Democrats have been planning to impeach Trump since he was elected even BEFORE he was inaugurated and you think Trump is evil? You are sick!

  3. If only Trump wanted to stop Russian bounties as badly as he’s trying to stop ballots from being counted.

    1. @geofo60 Geof Harris He is an overt spreader of misinformation!
      When he starts to rant i can picture him with FANGS!

    2. Martin Taper : Don’t Insult the Great Vlad of Transylvania !! He would have Rudy and the Orange Sith on “Sticks”……rotting in the wind on The National Mall….

    3. @Lori Nelson _Trump has a point about this mail-in voter frog. I don’t know who this frog thinks he is, but frogs have no business voting. The only way this bug muncher can do it is by mail where he can impersonate your old Uncle Grandpa or Aunt Teefa and nobody is the wiser. If a frog showed up at the polls, they’d lock him out. And this is no laughing matter. It is definitely no longer cool to make a poll lock joke._

    1. Kathleen Austin, absolutely! Trump will have the bigly best ratings ever, better than anyone ever had, ever in the history of the world and the universe.

    2. @cindy o You know, we might have to do that to heal, Justice must be served, but today I’m more concerned about the lost sheep than the shepard who stole them from the American Flock

  4. “ A man that cannot handle power is a man that cannot handle defeat,
    They are both the same in character and personality “ Danny Rivera

    1. tRumplethinskin is everything wrong with people today all rolled up in one wannabe dictator. Narcissism, forever the victim, whiny, greedy, power hungry, corrupt, disrespectful and out of touch with everyday people.

    1. and Biden is going so much higher above that bar. Joe Biden will be a fantastic President of the United States: a president for unity, peace, justice, decency, and no tolerance for racism and hatred.

  5. If he was a smart man, he would leave with dignity, head high and walk out quietly. But he choses to deminish himself, his brand and his business future with his terrible actions.

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