1. @Obsidian Blue Oh yes he did! This isn’t the makings of the Confederates. The Nazi’s are the ones being paid by the super rich.

    1. @Comment 200 This coming from a Democrat with no education and a double digit IQ who can’t feed herself without welfare…

    2. @TRUMP 2024 also the fact members of your party want to “defund colleges” because they are “liberal” so tell us again how a Democrat is uneducated?

    3. When libtards totally forgot about Bush what does it tell y’all people will forget especially libtards

    1. @On Cam That’s your TDS showing. You were probably one of the ones that said he overfed the Japanese goldfish also.

    2. @Sapo Con Zapatos They’re in the denial stage currently. We still have plenty more gaffes, potential faceplants, America last policies and or authoritarian rule to come from this establishment creep.

  1. Trump’s most lasting legacies will be that he made GW look a lot less dumb and Nixon look a lot less corrupt.

    1. @April Campbell not as funny as the joke in the oval office at this time…the US is the laughing stock of the world now..

    2. @Daniyal Virk i thought he did ok. But he had to deal with the Republicans who tried to shut him down. But he got more than trump did. In spite of them with Hillary on his team. Sorry all you haters. That was one of the grump lines. And you know it. That was another one of grump lines. The pig is done he’s going to jail people. He’ll match his orange suite.

    3. @Roxanne Hill You make so many good points but the one that strikes dead center is that political party was irrelevant — I, too, would never have voted for Trump whatever label he was wearing. How can this man have so many fans, or fanatics. He is stupid, vulgar and obviously a nasty human being. It’s not just the question of what voters see in Trump to respect; what does anyone see to like?

  2. When George W. Bush is showing you up, both politically and morally/ethically, you need to take a hard, long look at your life b.

    Edit: lmao it seems I’ve upset the snowflakes. 😂

    1. I love how with these types of comments, we always find out how many of them watch their mortal enemy CNN and who the Trump Apologist Snowflakes are.

      Thx OP, it was a good read. Lmao

    2. @Belly Dancer Em So how do you make enough money to save for your retirement as a “belly dancer”? You know nobody’s going to want to see your old, wrinkly belly when you hit 50 right? Don’t expect us to support you because you made a poor career choice.

    3. @Christopher Green yeah in your mind I guess he shot them all single handedly. The CCP are totally innocent. Sure BTW I got some bridges for sale from London. Did Cumo help with the nursing homes. How about those thousands hitting the border every week?

    1. Who? Oh wait, the guy who STOLED the election from Al Gore. The Bush family is just as toxic as the Dumps.

      More revisionist history and fake news from the Chinese News Network. 🤣

    1. @1984 THEBEGINING Trump made things worse in America than necessary. Go back to 2018 when he abolished the Pandemic Response Team. Or the first time he told America about the Pandemic, he lied about how bad it could be. He followed that up with 6 months of lies about the Pandemic.

    1. Well but we have the master of all masters now …. Introducing Senile Joey…. The problem he does NOT know it . LOL

    1. @Schievelbein Schievelbein I think what he’s saying is the GOP is morally bankrupt and hopelessly corrupt

    2. @Schievelbein Schievelbein Calm yourself – I’m sure your party will yet turn us into a rightwing extremist fascist dictatorship soon enough – and then you can really celebrate how truly American you think you are ………..

  3. I’ve literally seen Trump supporters refer to Bush as a communist. Shows you how completely off the wall they are.

    1. @TRUMP 2024 um the blue states handed the covid better than the red states. You are just biased and brainwashed g’day

    2. @Rod Ortiz It’s ironic Trump and Trumpsters continue to call actually Republicans “RINOS” when Trump joined the GOP in 2012… Trumpsters and Trump are the worst America has created since the KKK.

  4. Its weird, but W Bush has never seemed like the man to make the decisions he did. He got a very unique historical moment and that made him what he was. Now that he is an ex-president, I actually like him.

    1. Bush has killed the USA with the Iraq war.
      Trump is just the result of the dying of the USA.
      Like a fart of a corpse.

    2. Major Moolah – Bush took too much advice from his father’s neocon friends. Trump wouldn’t take any advice.

    3. While his presidency after his 9/11 surge wasn’t great and average at best, you know Bush is a good and genuine person. Just as Carter wasn’t a very good president, he is a great man.

    4. @Vlad the Inhaler not as much as the decisions of Trump throughout Covid which lead to hundred of thousands of deaths that were avoidable.

  5. *Wait.. so when republicans have no political future they come back to reality..? I for one am SHOCKED!*

    1. I actually don’t think they will ever come back to reality. They seem to keep doubling down on the whole white male thing. I say that as a white male myself, but they seem to be out of touch with the idea that to win elections nowadays (at least the popular vote) you need to try to appeal to more than just white males.

    1. Fox fake news and rush had already planted the seed of hate in these people, and trump was watching it all.

    2. Yeah the GOP went nuts in the 1990s between Right wing radio and the sleazy corruption of the Clinton’s it broke their brains

  6. My graduate training was as a contextualist. That is, viewing how things turn out as not being due to something inherent to them or to unique idiosyncratic influences, but rather to broader context that can often escape the naked eye. George Bush had the luxury of being president during a pre-cellphone, pre-Twitter and pre-Facebook era, when more people got their news from newspapers and the dreaded mainstream media than from Youtube videos and 140-character off-the-cuff sarcastic slags. We tend to overlook how large an impact that has had on what passes for both “news” and political discourse.

  7. Remember when John mccain was booed for respecting his opponent in the 2009 presidential election

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