1. Condolences to the victims’ families and all, but the Winnipeg police barely do jack all about the local idiots holding up the 711s near schools in broad daylight; Don’t hold your breath about getting a legitimate response

  2. I would REALLY like to see them make an effort.
    The reality being that, even the best trained cadaver dogs would have a tough time in a landfill.
    For the sake of public relations and the outside hope, at LEAST make an effort !!

    1. Not necessarily its only 34 days on compact thier have been these scenarios and rhey have found missing parts or whole bodies in landfills before. I think they shouldn’t waste time and get on it. Then it will definitely turn into needle haystack after 60 days 😔💔

  3. This is really sad I have a mother with extreme addiction. And I thought last week for 5 days she was missing until found in hosipital. I don’t know what I do if I was her

  4. 35 days of the landfill since the drop of the human remains..we need to get on this !!! U can still see how she is heart pained 💔😔

  5. sad that the po po will only spend 6 months and millions to recover a non indigenous person in a landfill, but not a cent or one day to investigate or recover the body of an indigenous person who they’ve known the place of for months.

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