‘It’s No Time To Rest’: Grieving Mothers Demand Policing Reforms | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

‘It’s No Time To Rest’: Grieving Mothers Demand Policing Reforms | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Gwen Carr, Eric Garner’s mother, shares her thoughts on the Chauvin verdict, saying she was elated by the news. Carr is also saying to continue to advocate for police reform: “just because we got one guilty verdict, it’s time to rest. It’s no time to rest.” Aired on 04/23/2021.
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‘It’s No Time To Rest’: Grieving Mothers Demand Policing Reforms | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. How about raising your kids right and teaching them to not commit crimes and, if they do, to not resist?

    1. @No Show Joe F you and your “these people” garbage. Your worthless mother apparently didn’t raise you right, either.

  2. If African Americans actually put this much effort in to some sort of reform of their own communities then maybe there wouldn’t be thousands of shootings a year in cities like Baltimore and Chicago. This is far more destructive than isolated unlawful police shootings

    1. If lawmakers treated gun control at a federal level instead of allowing states to decide their own rules, then guns wouldn’t flood into these communities (as happens in Chicago) in the first place. These communities are already putting in the work, but keep getting rebuffed by freely available guns and lack of support from local authorities.

      See also, liquor stores that deliberately place themselves right outside Native American reservations to exploit those residents.

    2. @cybogoblin Chicago has the strictest gun control laws.
      Plus, gun control does nothing. Making guns illegal or harder to legally get is not going to stop criminals. They will find a way to get guns because they don’t care that guns are illegal because they are criminals.

  3. Joy Reid is such a ridiculous person straight up. The deeper you go down the idealogical rabbit hole the more disconnected from reality you become. The other night she completely exposed herself buy trying to make the case that knife fights between teens are no big deal, and her motivation for making such a ridiculous claim was to vilify a cop who did nothing wrong since that’s her idealogical agenda. Common sense isn’t an option for ideologues like her.

  4. Great Show Today! Topped off by the Highlight from Tiffany Cross, speaking on trumper carlson: when she said the she doesn’t really care about ‘a trash channel, or a trash man, and their trash party!!!’ That was an absolute HOOT! Oh, in case somebody doesn’t know what “channel” she is referring to … let me take a shot at it: faux news?!!! Great Job, Tiffany!

  5. The first thing we can hope for is to put a halt to random traffic stops. Look how many times random traffic stops have spiraled out of control and death of an innocent person is the result. Armed agents of government who are the police should no longer be tax collectors. The police see a car with expired tags they should notify the DMV so people from that office can be sent out to meet with the owner of the vehicle either at home or at work and arrange for tax payment. We know that operating a motor vehicle is no longer a privilege but it is necessary for life. Vehicle should not be seized and held for ransom at the tow lot.
    Police should throw away their laser guns and their radar guns and end these random traffic Stops for minor regulatory in fractions. Random traffic stop should only be allowed in felony situations.

  6. It’s quite sad, and concerning, that so many Americans buy into this socialist propaganda. The worst things done TO America is done BY Americans. Good bye democracy, you will be missed.


  8. Raise your kids not to be criminals and thugs and they wont ever have to deal with cops using deadly force. Cant do that? DON’T HAVE KIDS.

  9. If these women did their job and raised kids who obeyed the law and pursued eduction vs being criminals they wouldn’t be grieving . Own your own failures .

  10. This channel has over 4 million subscribers and this video has less than 2000 views. Probably will reach 5,000 at the most. People see through and don’t care about the ridiculous narrative you guys are pushing.

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