1. My local Walmart had a ton of stuff left over from their first sale this month also I noticed not as many good deals this year

  2. I don’t understand people who are getting loans to shop on Black Friday. Don’t spend money that you don’t have!

  3. My family is exchanging home canned jellies and cards again this year. We keep it about what’s it’s supposed to be about not commercialism.

    1. I have made gifts for years, my family tells me what they want, in what color, what pattern, and if it’s for fall/winter/ early spring or warmer weather. I made a sweater for $20 that cost $90 in the store.

    1. @Gerry Atric Actually the doctor came a couple of hours ago and upon examination advised that general treatment apparently has no effect. My mother became worse within last 24 hours. She already has pneumonia. My father and me are moving in the same direction. Tomorrow we will be hospitalized

  4. Why would it be relevant? We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Quite frankly, I never been a fan of black friday.

    1. I know right? I remember hearing a story of a woman stampeded to death on Black Friday. I just thought that the holiday and American corporate greed sucks. And yes I said holiday. Because I get holiday pay that day. If my boss is giving me the day off plus pay. Then, it’s a holiday in their eyes.

    2. I’ve never been to a black Friday sale,I don’t want to take the risk of getting trampled to death by a herd of enraged elephants!!

  5. Good riddance.
    First of all, there is no such day as “Black Friday.” The term comes from industry jargon that originated with the U.S. department stores, from the accounting term “in the black,” or turning a profit. So it basically means “Profit Friday.” This is not what the holiday season is about.
    The holidays are not a time to trample and shove one another in a contest to see who can fill a shopping cart the highest with a bunch of shoddy imported junk. Holidays are a time to step back and take a break from the daily grind.
    Thanksgiving Day is one of those holidays. It’s not a day for stores to be open. And the day after Thanksgiving is simply that… the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. Not “Black Friday.”

  6. Let me show you how important Black Friday is. Where is all the stuff you got last Black Friday? Exactly, that’s how important it is.

    1. @tin tin Yeah, it really depends on what you use Black Friday for. I think it’s pretty pointless for the most part because people buy a lot of stuff that they don’t really need or want so they get it just because it’s a good deal and they can see themselves giving it away for a gift or maybe using it eventually. Then it just sits there. But Black Friday has its uses too like getting some electronics or games for really cheap. I’ve been in the market for a new camera but will probably just wait and see if there are any good deals for Black Friday.

  7. I think the whole Black Friday thing is ridiculous and somewhat pathetic to watch people turn into animals over material things. It’s kind of disgusting to watch but it’s our reality because that’s what our society has become.

    1. And all the toys that the spoiled brats absolutely HAD to have are now either broken or laying unused in the back of the closet.

  8. Black Friday is relevant because it’s a tradition. It’s “irrelevant” due to social limitations and other options.

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