It’s Time For GOP Leadership To ‘Initiate An Intervention With This President’ | Andrea Mitchell

It's Time For GOP Leadership To 'Initiate An Intervention With This President' | Andrea Mitchell 1


Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss Rudy Giuliani's presser yesterday, COVID relief, and President Trump's refusal to concede. Sen. Durbin says "It's time for the Republicans in leadership in the Senate & the House to really initiate an intervention with this president and to say to him for the good of the nation, you have to acknowledge the obvious, you lost this election, now let's move on." Aired on 11/20/2020.
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In addition to politics, Mitchell covers foreign policy, intelligence and national security issues, including the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, for all NBC News and MSNBC properties.

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It's Time For GOP Leadership To 'Initiate An Intervention With This President' | Andrea Mitchell

80 Comments on "It’s Time For GOP Leadership To ‘Initiate An Intervention With This President’ | Andrea Mitchell"

  1. Alicia Abundic | November 20, 2020 at 3:01 PM | Reply

    The garbage will be removed from the white house in January regardless.

    • The damaged done to our political process, integrity is insurmountable. Every single Republican who stuck with Trump needs to be severely punished!!!

    • @Tiger Lilly awe is somebody having a temper tantrum….You must believe what I believe or you will be “severely punished” Tiger Lilly get a job and stop being so self entitled.

    • @Jung skeptiker2017 The United States is a Republic, not a democracy.

    • @Whole Food Plant Based Mama ANTIFA is part of the far liberal left. Antifa’s doctrine is the same as your above mentioned fascists If you don’t believe what Liberals believe then we will force you to your knees by means of violence.

    • @Choo-Choo Sims Not

  2. “America’s Mayor” is now nothing more than a bag man in the Donny Blowhole Disorganized Crime Family.

  3. Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy | November 20, 2020 at 3:02 PM | Reply

    TREASON against humanity and the American people should be punishable by death or life in imprisonment.

    • @michael boultinghouse The founding fathers undoubtedly represented a diverse group of individuals with lots of interests. They conceived and wrote the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which go way beyond any interest to avoid paying taxes. Incidentally, of 56 signers of the D of I, only eight were foreign-born. None profited by signing the document.
      I’m confused about your reference to a “Marxist dictatorship” and an “illegitimate puppet.”

    • @Steve Johnson Here are some ideas to balance the egregious tactics of politicians you support: 1. There needs to be a DEMOCRATIC MILITIA with public presence throughout the country.
      2. There need to be REAL THREATS against the administration by the U.S. MILITARY.
      3. There need to be CHARGES OF TREASON against, and ARRESTS of, all GOP supporters of the coup.
      4. There needs to be PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY of all politicians who support the coup.
      5. Congress and the Cabinet need to invoke the 25th AMENDMENT as a matter of public record, at least.
      6. The NYT, Washington Post, Reuters, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, et al. need to publish bios of all politicians directly involved in the attempted coup. Headlines: “ANTI-DEMOCRACY SEDITIONISTS”
      7. Foreign leaders should sign a pact supporting the new Biden/Harris administration and DENOUNCING the Trump coup.
      8. Democrats should leave their fairy tale and law books behind and join in the street fight.

    • michael boultinghouse | November 20, 2020 at 10:49 PM | Reply

      @Another POV maybe its because you’re a simpleton and a dullard?

    • LimaBEANZ Milligan | November 21, 2020 at 12:05 AM | Reply

      @Joshua Ike yeah he is very upset that they are outta here.

    • LimaBEANZ Milligan | November 21, 2020 at 12:09 AM | Reply

      @Jimi’s Ghost just a shade of brown? You should’ve stayed in the sun longer you then would’ve woke up and smell the truth about DEMOCRACY & THE RULE OF LAW…THE LAW OF THE LAND!!!!!!!

  4. Emily Murphy has blood on her hands. We need a proper transition

  5. Drag the wannabe dictator out of the people’s house. He got fired.

    • Agreed
      Something needs to be done quickly in the right manner.

    • @Michelle Toni it’s safe to assume that Biden and his team ARE doing things. It’s just not public information. Biden and Congress are strategically planning right now about how to get Bone Spurs dragged out in handcuffs. They want it more than we do. You think they’re just sitting around while this trump freak is clearly trying to subvert the Democrat win?

    • I approve this message as well.

    • THANK YOU 🙏 he needs to be removed. He’s trying to start a war. He has access to the nuclear codes, there’s no telling what he’ll do to stay in the WHITE HOUSE. Never concerned about the people, only GOLFING and MONEY 💰 I guess he thought all those RALLIES were gonna get him elected. Seems to me there were more people not at his rallies than were.


  6. Unfortunately everyone in the GOP is afraid of Trumps tweets, his followers react to lies like red meat 🍖. Republicans are placing career over country.

    • Armando Mercado | November 20, 2020 at 6:43 PM | Reply

      It goes beyond fear of tRump. Many actually believe that obstruction is the way to go. They’re just getting a jump on what they will be doing starting January 20, 2021.

    • ❤️Are you a single?
      –> LOVE69.PL

    • Patricia Wilson | November 20, 2020 at 7:38 PM | Reply

      Given the s**t his base is pulling, it’s not their CAREERS, it’s their LIVES and the LIVES of their families. That’s what this has come to. Tha GOP has created a MURDEROUS WAR CRIMINAL. The war is on AMERICA.

    • I couldn’t imagine living in fear of the low-IQ orange turd and his even dumber cult made up of the dregs of humanity. The GOP are weak and spineless.

    • @d z 🤣👍

  7. The GOP has lost what little credibility they had left.

  8. It was time 12 days ago…now we see president actively interfere with electoral college…

  9. The White House is the American people’s house. Not the lying coward’s.

  10. The only ones willing to speak up are the one that trump has no blackmail on.

  11. Treason. This is not simply “scorched earth” policy, this is treason.

    • @KataGan This would put the EC in jeopardy as a function of democracy. If someone can be elected president while losing both the popular and EC vote then we have a dictatorship. That’s what IMPOTUS Trump wants.

    • @icin4d But this is what he is attempting to do. If the state legislators refuse to do it then we will be safe but I am not sure it is illegal.

    • @KataGan No, it is not illegal. But it might be illegal for a president to influence an elector for their favor.

    • The White House is the American people’s house. Not the lying coward’s.

    • @icin4d He has gotten away with so much and now this… if the DOJ doesn’t prosecute him then our justice system is just pathetic.

  12. People, including his base. Wake up..this guy not noe nor ever cared

  13. “Pathetic” is a perfect description..a disgrace of a presidential legacy

  14. The republicans will not do and “intervention” – they have NO INTEGRITY OR HONOR.

  15. It’s unbelievable that while Trump is trying the pull off a huge con, the majority of republican leaders are silent about this. The decency of the republican party leadership in this charade, is on display. While Trump continues to mislead republican voters with the illussion that he won, they sit back and allow their constituents to soak up Trumps fraudulent claims. Its pathetic enough that the current presidency is occupied by a con-man, even more pathetic for republican leaders to let it go on.

  16. margaret hughes | November 20, 2020 at 5:22 PM | Reply

    cry baby Trump is scared he is in a position he cannot but his way out of , the prospect of ending up in jail

    • He bragged incessantly at his super spreader rallies. Now that’s he’s losing all lawsuits and the presidency. He has to stir up trouble to save face.

  17. Thanos Thegreat | November 20, 2020 at 5:37 PM | Reply

    The GOP is a criminal organization like trump. They’d never go against der fuhrer.

  18. The Trump administration needs time to hide or destroy evidence of wrong doing and blatant systemic incompetence.

  19. The worst thing is Guiliani’s head is melting on top of it all.

  20. trump is a perfect example of Everything that’s wrong with America.

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