'Its Time Has Come': Making The Push For The Equality Act | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘Its Time Has Come’: Making The Push For The Equality Act | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Alphonso David of the Human Rights Campaign testified Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee at the hearing for the Equality Act. David joins Morning Joe to discuss the importance of legislation protecting LGBTQ individuals. Aired on 03/18/2021.
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'Its Time Has Come': Making The Push For The Equality Act | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Mike Currie Such as what? Let me guess, like how Trump removed Mail Boxes and took away sorting machines, right? Might wanna go to the USPS website and look at Mail Boxes removed, machines removed over the years, pay close attention to Obama era.

    2. @Wisconsin Man WM you can’t take away the taxpayers right to vote in order to win the election. It’s simply deceitful. If you look at the popular vote the difference was large. There’s no good reason to take away the taxpayers right to vote.

    3. @Mike Currie What President received the Electoral vote of a state without winning the popular vote of that state? The bigger thing is, you can’t allow 1 state to decide for 49. Candidate A. can win 49 states with the popular vote and have a 2million vote lead and then California comes along votes for candidate B. with 2 Million 100k more votes and THEY should be POTUS? No. That’s why the founding fathers did the electoral so EVERY state had a say. 1 candidate could win 5 states total and be POTUS. it takes 11 states to win to get 1 electoral more, 56, than CA 55.

    4. @Wisconsin Man WM. If you flip what you’re saying. Why should a state with 38 million have the same amount of reps as a state with less than 1 million. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t make laws that prevent taxpayers from voting.

    5. @Mike Currie You almost made a point. CA has the MOST representatives than ay state, you are thinking Senators. Again, the founding fathers were smart to give every state a say. By your logic CA should be more powerful than 11 other states.Or rather, 49.

  1. Your Insane .what’s wrong with this country. What about the homeless. Nobody talks about it. You want to let everyone in our contry. Are you going to say these non Americans have shelter and transport and benefits .when thears so many homeless people you see them every day. Or you just ignore them. Yea you do .it dont make sense .you see them every day .butt do nothing for fellow Americans. But want to help non Americans at our borders?

  2. Why are we re-litigating the civil rights movement of the ’50’s and ’60’s, as if all of that never happened? Maybe someone can tell me what’s new about all of this.
    Maybe next they can have a major landmark labor bill with things like a 40-hour work week, 8-hour work day, minimum wage, and an anti-child-labor law.

    1. You’re apparently not paying close enough attention. Or could be none of the struggle for equal rights effects directly. Either way I encourage you ask yourself what rights would you be willing to sacrifice while others have those same rights? How would you feel if you were the one without public accommodations?

    2. @David Alexander I abhor the notion of a selective disparity of adult rights in this society. I was hoping someone would show me what legal rights are denied to any particular group of citizens based on race, gender, ethnicity, economic class, or age (with the exception of children). I don’t know what’s in this equal rights legislation. What new law is being proposed? I can’t think of what it could be. Can you?

  3. It’s called human rights. What is it with people who want to dictate to others how they identify, who they are and who they love. Discrimination in any form should be illegal.

    1. It’s nothing but oppression by entitled jack holes that think that they have the power to control others that they don’t accept. Is this still the land of the free?

    2. Discriminators and Haters must have too much free time! My suggestion for Trans-Obsessed (GOP) *Grand Old Pointlessness Party* Republicans is, – “DE-REGULATE” them! Mind your business. Try practising SMALL GOVERNMENT Re: the private lives & sports done by others!

      *Also, find more productive hobbies than* HATRED & whining about “Cancel Culture!” (Bleep bleep, Dr Seuss!!!!!)

  4. I’m 100% in favour of ALL Americans *especially LGBTQ* people being protected equally by law & treated fairly! Because it’s 2021 for God’s sake!!!!

    1. It’s not fair to allow a biological male who thinks it’s a female to compete against a real female and win because nobody wants to hurts it’s feelings and make it compete against other males or come up with a trans league that nobody would watch or care to watch and then they’d complain that everyone transphobic because nobody watches them and then they’d want equal pay and only bring in .00000001% in revenue

    2. “Mr Smith”: Who are the *it’s* that you’re referring to? Do you mean LGBTQ individuals? Or Trans people? IE: Other humans?

      Q: *Does it make YOU feel better about yourself* When you refer to other people as *IT???* Just curious!

    3. @Dee Valerie those who are confused with their God given gender or who say that God made a mistake

    4. @Dee Valerie right he doesn’t make mistakes LGBTQP is made by mankind by imbalance of chemical in the body

  5. LGBTQ citizens never stopped being citizens. How do we justify any discrimination? This is supposed to be the Land Of The Free. Let’s get back to this idea and carry it forward with conviction.

  6. The USA is NOT the bastion of equal rights and freedoms that you have been led to believe. It is a religious state not very much different than an Islamic caliphate. Violent Trump supporters are exactly the same as ISIS fighters.

  7. Why do people keep saying “this is America,” as if it isn’t a country built on discrimination, hate, and civil and human rights abuses?

    1. You forgot war profiteering. America always loses wars, but they make billions doing it. But you nailed it, a country built on slavery and intolerance. TRump brought many out from under their rocks, lets hope that brings a positive outcome in the end just by exposing it.

    2. Because while discrimination, hate, and civil human rights abuses exist in every country in the world and always has and probably always will. But it’s pure fantastical BS that America was built on discrimination, hate and human rights abuses. Thats Communist Marxists Revisionists Propaganda indoctrination meant to creat division and destroy America. America is the greatest most prosperous country with the most freedoms and opportunities for everyone in the world. Almost all races who immigrate here, Asians, South Americans, Hattians, Cubans, Mexicans are more prosperious than they are in their own country. Those who are not prospering are held back by thir own cultural disparities like fatherless families and entitlement mentalities, victims of their own life choices. There are people of every race that are successful in America. With education, self dicipline, determination, and work ethic anyone can be successful.

  8. Today’s Lesson (1) A*democratic*republic is a form of government.The will of the people*shall be the basis of the*authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by*universal suffrage and *equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.
    *democracy_a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
    *republic_a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives
    *shall_indicates an order, command or prophecy.
    *authority_is the legitimate power which one person or a group possesses and practices over another.
    *universal suffrage_gives the right to vote to all adult citizens, regardless of wealth, income, gender, social status, race, ethnicity, political stance, or any other restrictions.
    *equal suffrage_is the removal of graded votes, wherein a voter could possess a number of votes in accordance with income, wealth or social status.

  9. As long as the Republicans are the party that is categorically AGAINST ANYTHING the Democrats propose and there is a filibuster rule in the Senate it won’t pass.

    1. Meaningless. No such place in the entire history of the world ever existed and never will except the Garden before the fall and the New Earth after the 2nd Coming.

    2. @Roger Ramjet not so sure..seems to be more of a distribution problem..plenty to go around for everyone

    3. @Randal Walker By “distribution” you mean stealing the income and wealth from those who earn it and redistributing it to those who don’t. Let’s start with you. You can permanently give me 50% of your wealth and income because you have more than I do. Individuals should earn and work for a living. It’s not distributed. Fing Communists distribute crumbs and starve.

  10. The illustrious foam currently expect because philippines karunagappally describe by a flashy sideboard. flimsy, rude damage

  11. Human rights? What about my rights to call biological women women? Tell me what LGBTQ people are not free to do in this country? What rights don’t they already have? Having young males claiming to be girls competing with young girls, is that a right or a violation of woman’s rights, young girls who can no longer compete with these young males and win?

  12. How about you look at “ALL” humans like taxes. If they can be taxed for their work, they should have all the rights that go along with those governmental taxes. Hmmm…wasn’t there a revolution about this? Taxation without representation? Wake up Repukes!

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