'It's Time We Do What We Know Is Safe': HHS Secretary On Vaccine Mandate 1

‘It’s Time We Do What We Know Is Safe’: HHS Secretary On Vaccine Mandate

The Biden administration announced Thursday that all Health and Human Services employees who may come in contact with patients must receive the Covid vaccine. HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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'It's Time We Do What We Know Is Safe': HHS Secretary On Vaccine Mandate


  1. If those HHS people leave their job over a vaccine my wife has been trying to get a job there that should give her an opening

    1. @Stanfran Stop comparing a live polio vaccine, with an mRNA vaccine for a section of one viral protein.

    2. @Savlo Savage violation of law. I’ve never been asked for any of that. You must be some black water mercenary a hole.

    3. @StuckPencil lol Meanwhile Israel is on its 3rd shot because the VACCINATED are spreading it and Palestinians who don’t have high vax rates are fine.

      You would have made a great nazi.

    4. @Herman Houston lol Lockdowns caused more harm than covid. Study after study proves this. It’s a .02% death rate. Vaccines are causing the mutations. CDC itself admits the vaxd can transmit covid and get it.

      I suggest you get your facts and science straight before making asinine comments on YouTube.

  2. This is what happens when freedumb fighters give Covid room to evolve just so they can Own The Libs.

  3. It’s all been settled in 1905 and 1912. Time for state vaccine mandates SCOTUS ruling Jacobsen vs Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11, February 20, 1905. and school vaccine mandates SCOTUS Zucht vs King, 260 U.S. 174, November 13, 1912. As if everything is new… Not!

    1. @Muddy Water Oh it’s tested alright.
      – about 354.000.000 doses in the US
      – 167.000.000 fully vaccinated in the US
      – 4.62 Billion doses in the world.
      There is no excuse anymore

    2. @Patriotz Finder Muddy Water is a serial troll….read his posts plenty of times.

      Even the screen name is a giveaway.

    3. @Muddy Water Thanks for showing everyone exactly why vaccines must be mandated. Some people are too stupid and selfish to be trusted to voluntarily do the right thing.

  4. You cannot save people who do not wish to be saved. Concentrate efforts and funds on the vaccinated and those who cannot be vaccinated. Don’t waste your time on the proudly ignorant.

    1. @Kit I just want to save one person by convincing them to get vaccinated. But have only failures up until now.

    2. Except- the only practical, long-term protection for those who can’t be vaxxed, is herd immunity. To reach anything close to that, we need at least SOME of those currently hesitant/ resistant to step up, for their under 12/ immune compromised loved ones & neighbors. As futile as it seems, we still need some people, (esp. health professionals & school districts), willing to keep trying.

    3. ​@H K S tyrannical systems could not be executed without the help of a larger psychopathic contingent of the population, and these people congregate together to make terrible things happen

    4. People that do not wish to get a experimental vaccine is not ignorant…the same way people that received one with minimal information is not ignorant either ijs

  5. DeSantis is violating the Florida Constitution. With his no mask mandate
    Florida shall provide programs sufficient to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all of its children..
    What’s evil is GOP are using and putting children at risk just to try and own dems over masks in just about every red state.
    GOP screams and shouts about a single abortion. Once it’s out of the womb with birth that life is no longer worth protecting in the effort to not wear masks.

    1. @Sandi Harris masks don’t work because people like you don’t wear them and then go crying and running the hospital when reality surprises you.

    2. @Eric V Stores in Austin had massive compliance for many months. Now probably 70 percent are wearing masks.

    3. @Nadine Zachary COVID DONT CARE. For every fully vaccinated person that dies from COVID 100 unvaccinated people die. The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated rages on.

    4. Just like sophisticated hypocrites at Obama’s 60th birthday party who didn’t even follow their own CDC guidelines even for the vaccinated. Okay we believe you now.

    1. Why is California proud of this Mexican? Don’t people in California know what country they’re a part of anymore?

  6. My niece had covid twice. She works as nurse at a La. V.A. hospital, been vaccinated. PLEASE get vaccinated. These different variants are still affecting vaccinated folk.

    1. There aren’t any variants. That fiction was created to explain away why vaccinated people are still catching the virus, and dying from it.

    2. That’s not true. It is historically reported that viruses mutate; you do not need a genius IQ to understand that.

    1. @Archie Clements oh and it has. Almost 4 yrs of citizens being gullible and trusting a man who has only protected himself!

  7. To all anti vaccines, anti mask, defies Guidelines and Doctors recommendation ask yourself this. If you have a really sick child from COVID-19 who would you ask for help? TRUMP, TUCKER CARLSON, DESANTIS, TED CRUZ, OR DR FAUCI. Most comment will avoid to answer cause they don’t like the answer even though they know what’s best for their child.

    1. Who do you trust to help you with your medical decisions? Nevermind, I already know. President Potato Head.

    2. @UC8l0X22IWVzJiJfP4DEa_ew Ok, not going to get into an argument on statistics here, but most rational people expect schools to bring the children inside during thunder and lighting storms. So based on your logic, are you saying that we should leave students outside during a lightning storm? Pretty sure there would be lawsuits against any school who let a child get struck by lightning. In fact, I believe parents would be irate to find that their child had been left outside in the rain, lightening or no.

    3. I WOULDNT ASK ANY OF THEM FOR HELP. Definitely not faucci. These Vaccines don’t prevent disease.. They allow mutations, and are worsening the virus. Look up “leaky vaccines” preferably before they remove everything about it.

  8. School vaccination laws have played a key role in the control of vaccine- preventable diseases in the United States. The first school vaccination require­ment was enacted in the 1850s in Massachusetts to prevent smallpox transmis­ sion in schools.
    By the beginning of the twentieth century, nearly half of the states had requirements for children to be vaccinated before they entered school. By 1963, 20 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico had such laws, with a variety of vaccines being MANDATED.

    1. United States Supreme Court
      Zucht v King 1922
      Schools have the authority to deny a student access if they have not gotten the mandatory vaccinations.

  9. When it comes to drug prices, there is a segment of the population, financially well off but intellectually in the red, who labour under a peculiar delusion: the more you pay the more it’s worth.

  10. United States Supreme Court

    Jacobson v Massachusetts 1905
    They AGREED with a lower Court’s decision, the lawsuit was based on whether or not they had the authority to make a Small Pox vaccine mandatory, the decision was that they do.

    “The Court’s decision articulated the view that Individual liberties ARE limited and ARE subject to the police power of the State.”

    Zucht v King 1922
    Schools have the authority to deny a student access if they have NOT gotten the mandatory vaccinations.

    The total B$ Red States are pulling that the Parents not the Schools should have it regarding masks is a total violation of what THAT decision was based on.
    When a Student is in School, the School, NOT the parents are legally responsible to protect the Health and Welfare of the Students.

  11. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.-joe biden

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