'I've Never Seen Anything Like It': Diplomat Knocks Trump Allies Defending Ukraine Bribery | MSNBC 1

‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It’: Diplomat Knocks Trump Allies Defending Ukraine Bribery | MSNBC


As damning bribery evidence continues to be revealed, Trump’s allies are defending the Ukraine call, claiming there was no ‘quid pro quo’ because Ukraine received the promised military aide. Former United Nations Ambassador Nancy Soderberg says she has ‘never seen anything’ in her ‘decades’ of ‘government service.’ Soderberg argues Trump used ‘almost $400 million in critical aide to Ukraine for his personal benefit,’ adding his ‘supporters’ need to ‘stop trying to hide from the truth.’ Aired on 11/19/19.
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'I've Never Seen Anything Like It': Diplomat Knocks Trump Allies Defending Ukraine Bribery | MSNBC


  1. ” I’ ve ‘ never seen anything like it.” Neither have I. That’s why this goes deeper than so many of us think.


    1. @Logan McLean Not after the Whistle-blower came out. He made the statement, Trump, No quid pro quo, no demands, no blah blah blah the day after and the next By love of God the Aid was released. Trump, I was just fooling 3 days ago. Yeah right.

    2. @Logan McLean What male would admit that? let alone a president of another country that relies on the USA for help. Trump is still president until 2021. Just FYI.

    1. Your presumption…….which IS NOTHING,,,,,,hahahaha case closed and you have to go back to your safe space now…..

    1. @cheryl Rigby true. If he was a hero, he would have said screw Trump and Whitehouse by now. By the way Bolton is also a 5 time draft dodger. 4 times school like Trump. But, had a son not required to go due to new father 5th time. Not like 5th time Trump bonespurs , lol. 6th time Bolton was too old. Both Draft dodgers 5 times. So you all know. Bolton is no military ( nothing) like Trump. Google. Bolton and the draft.

    1. LOL Don’t worry anyone connected to Trump is under a dozen microscopes They’ll be prosecuted for stuf they ever did in life even before meeting Trump.

  2. A perfect example of why trumps businesses failed, he creates hatred, arguments, division and chaos, not because he’s some genius, because he’s useless, disorganized, erratic and blames everyone else for his mistakes, just before claiming bankruptcy.

    1. It’s becoming clear that, contrary to what many were saying before the phone call Pelosi has been grooming Mr. Trump for this for quite a while. And widdle donnie is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

    2. Maybe more like “Show up, or shut up” stop trying to hide under the desk in the oval office. He is not beyond reproach, or above the law. The constitution speaks truth to power!

    1. @Mario Andretti sad but true. Also the reason why some people still support a president with a daycare vocabulary.

    2. Bribery, Extortion, Abuse of Power, and Treason (helping Russia over allies) all in one phone call.

      I agree with Trump, truely a perfect criminal call…

    3. Why would anyone be shocked by trumps actions. He said he admired Vladimir Putin, he think he’s a great leader. He is doing what they do in Russia, don’t be surprised if someone is served some plutonium tea next. From Russia with lies corruption and oligarchs.

  3. That whole, “when they go low we go high” trope doesn’t really work when you’re up against a bunch of cockroaches.

  4. Yeah, Nancy really zinged it to him with that one — “The president can come and speak all the truth he wants.”

    1. Gotta get him out of the Hospital first, think he’s starting to work on his” I’m too old and fragile for prison” defense. Either that or he’s dying. I’ll take the latter, personally.

  5. What Trump and his Party, Has done well put a stain on, America for ever, And this shameful act, Will go down in history !

  6. It’s almost funny how the pundits tie themselves in knots trying to understand and explain the action of the mad man in the White House. From day one it’s been obvious that Donald is mentally and morally unfit to be POTUS. Way to go GOP! You sure know how to pick a winner.. not !!

  7. “He who tells a lie once finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length, it becomes habitual” Thomas Jefferson.

    “I lie for a living” Donald Trump

  8. If anyone is still wondering how Hitlers Germany was established…Trump and his cowardly enablers are a real time example. People are saying “ the only book Trump has read is mien kampf

  9. Republicans are going to be real surprised when they realize that the only people supporting Trump right now are Russian trolls.

    1. Trump is not going anywhere Eric, he will finish his term. 3 ring circus isn’t working. If he decides he will win 2020. That’s just a fact!!! No trolling like crazy Democratic Robots, Trump followers are real people who stand by their US Leader..

    2. Doodle Bug There’s the problem, the cultists who put the pedophile dictator over country and constitution. So anti American all the way.

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