1. Leave it to CNN to take an interesting, relevant news story and beat it to death with stupid analysis, making me wish I’d have chosen a different platform.

  2. Thank God! I’m really tired of the propaganda propping her up as the second coming to the ignorant masses who know squat about New Zealand.

  3. Democratic party in United States needs to step aside along with Putin and reality would be back to normal…. And the news just go back to being news and staying out of politics, just report on it and more on

  4. How 2022 is a leader resigning because they can’t mentally continue…🤣🤣🤣🤣….Hard to believe you created such a weak , sorry for an excuse society…ANOTHER HERO IN SOCIETY FOR QUITTING

    1. @Chuck Steak no it wouldn’t. Jacinda wouldn’t have stepped down if she had an option. He will be taken care of. It doesn’t matter how he feels.

    2. @Keith Crowell It also depends on how “free and fair” Canada’s elections are. If they have extremely free and fair elections like America, he’s not going anywhere.

    3. I don’t believe most Americans are following either. CNN International is very different from CNN America

  5. Such a lost for New Zealand. She was very good in fighting covid deaths and implementing gun control. She actually worked for the people.

  6. Working for horrible modern societies is not an attractive option for the people those societies need most. Which is a pity, as humans have so little time left on the planet.

  7. Great news! As a kiwi I’ve been happy to have her represent us internationally, but her policies here are a mess and are hurting a lot of people. Lots of fluff ,very little substance. Hopefully we get a National government to repeal a lot of the changes made under last 6 years of Labour

    1. That amazes me. R u a property owner? R u someone older then 65? Cause really that’s the only reason anyone should ever vote national.

    2. What absolute rubbish. If you think National is going to help low income and young people you’re delusional. More tax cuts for the rich and landlords 🙄

  8. Can anyone tell me where I can find this full broadcast on rewind?
    I am looking for a part that happened somewhere near this.

  9. Why is she laughing 😁 and then pouting 😾 and then super happy again and then crying a little also fidgeting non-stop all this time that looks super creepy

  10. She quit because she was going to lose the next election….crying because she knew she was going to lose & she couldn’t face the fact that the New Zealand electorate wanted her gone & its hurt her feelings….oh dear

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