Jackie Speier: Criminal Enterprise Being Operated Out Of The White House | Hardball | MSNBC

Jackie Speier: Criminal Enterprise Being Operated Out Of The White House | Hardball | MSNBC 1


  1. The difference between the top and bottom of a criminal enterprise in terms of pay and work conditions is not all that dissimilar to that of a legitimate business.

  2. This move by Pelosi will be extremely damaging to the republiKKKan party. They will lose a lot of seats guaranteed!

    1. I’m not as confident in that as you are. I still see way too many Republicans standing with Russia against America and no amount of facts or evidence will sway them. Too many making comments about burning America to ash so they can rebuild in their image.

  3. Clinton submitted a sworn deposition.
    t’rump’s lawyers would blow up Washington DC before they let t’rump do the same.

    1. @Pinkrella Jones Laugh all you want now, but let’s see who’s laughing when you step in it and track it in all over Mom’s clean living room rug.

    2. @jones yes I’m laughing all day long because I didn’t put Benedict Arnold treason in the white house now everybody has buyer’s remorse that’s why I’m sitting back laughing I’m not putting that s*** on my floor cuz I never voted for

    3. @Pinkrella Jones Glad to hear it. I guess we need to feel sorry for those dummasses who step in the poo but then insist on rolling in it like a bad dog. I feel sorry for whoever is the next president, with all the orange poo stank that will remain in the White House when Benedict leaves. We gonna need a whole lotta Fabreeze for sure.

  4. The Republican Party is a russian agency.
    Russia may be a poor country but that is only because Putin has fleeced it. Putin has hundreds of billions to bribe republicans with.

    1. How could these GOP politicians, who presumably were brought up in the USA, and who learnt about US history and the constitution, have been so easily dragooned into the Russian camp, and become traitors?

    2. Magister – This has been going on for centuries. Putin finally got his president in office.  Read Racheal Maddow book – Blow Out – History of OIl for past 30 years and False Flags on Gaia by Richard Dolan. Mind Blowing!!!!  Most of the  repubs and CIA are not working for USA.

  5. Delaying the delivery of the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate was a Masterpiece! Patience has been and will be rewarded. The [t]Rump’s Achilles heel is the fact that he is unable to “delay gratification.” It has been the case since the day he was born. It is now up to the American people to SERVE JUSTICE and to take the Crime Boss down!

    1. @Keith Pieterse You and I know that justice is hard to find in this land. But it is what we got, and
      it is ours. We will not go quietly. Love rules. The bigots and the haters will not prevail.
      I know I am preaching to the choir, but it is good for us willing to stand up and speak out to know we are not alone. Peace to you and yours, My Brother.

      A comment on freedom:

    1. When someone jokes about being a snake you need to except that that’s what they are and that the joke is on you if you think they are only joking

  6. No wonder Trump wouldn’t hand over documents or let congress call * first hand witnesses *… This administration is a cess pool of corruption.. I hope they all get jail for the parts they’ve played in this.

  7. Well done Pelosi.
    – The corrupt republicans would have dragged this out into 2021. Now it all shakes loose today. Respect.

  8. When the Dems win the presidency, laws must be implemented so that there can never be a repeat of trump and his GOP’s criminality!

    1. We have been in need of this for many years ,but thing first.We have to got rid of the electoral college, one person one vote.Then poke the eyes out of justice and make sure it’s blinded and that the poor and rich face the same time for the same. crime.Both in public services and in corporations.

    2. Once again, I don’t blame the voters, back in the 90s, when many climbed aboard the Tea Party train. They were promised, among other things, honesty and integrity in government. They will fix runaway spending by Democrats, who didn’t care about the deficit, and etc., etc., etc. And now, 20 years later, they have instigated, and created a criminal enterprise to be run out of the White House. WTF? Okay, so you made a mistake back then…but HOW can you continue to support – this? You are a part of 34% of our country. Don’t you care?

  9. What I have been saying for 3 years now ,! Corruption, Being run From the Oval office, ! Is America finally Awakening to this ,? Good morning while you were sleeping, ! Your President made himself Supreme Dictator, ! Of the Soviet States of Trumponia, !

  10. Remember to tweet @realdonaldtrump and @gop constantly with the hashtags #IMPEACHED #TRE45ON #TRUMPUTIN #HELSINKI #MOSCOWMITCH to remind them of their complicity in undermine the sanctity of US elections and maybe, just maybe, some republicans will remember that Russia is the enemy.

  11. It’s the same operation that was working out of trump tower for decades, the difference is, it’s bigger now and has a cult following to rely on for covering it up.

    1. …and are you scared yet? If left up to Moscow Mitch and the complicit senate, he will get away with it.

  12. Parnas must testify in the Senate. A trial without witnesses and documents of data is NO trial… It is nothing.
    As John Adams once said while defending the accused British soldiers of the “Boston Massacre,”
    “Facts are stubborn things.”
    John Adams must be rolling in his grave if he knows the foul stench that comes from tRump and his band of Republican Quislings.

  13. appears to have blown, wide open
    required, a real trial with witnesses
    a court system that will expediate subpoenas for documents, and those witnesses
    billy barr removed from the picture

  14. By waiting THEY got more information.So YES it was a good MOVE The fact MOSCOW MITCH can’t dismiss the impeachment that fast because AMERICAN are watching

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